Blindfolded & Brimming with Desire

Foreword: This is a solo play piece loosely (actually completely) based on something that I indulged in this morning after a short workout at the gym. I was comfortably drawn to the idea of boosting those endorphin levels just a little more 😉 Allow me, dear readers, to share this experience with you - unabashedly.... Continue Reading →

On Having a ‘Dream’ Dick

This post is not, as the title might suggest, about an idealised dick, because what the fuck is that anyway? As we know, they come in all shapes, sizes and levels of hairiness. To all the people with dicks, I say this—no matter what it looks like, you have nothing to be ashamed about. Same goes for... Continue Reading →

Saccharine Sensuality

Foreword: I was given the keyword 'eggs' to work with this time and I was going to save this one for Easter, but I've decided to publish it earlier because...well let's face it, Easter eggs were available at the supermarkets more than two months ago, so it's barely even a seasonal thing anymore. So here's a... Continue Reading →


Foreword: This is a really short fiction post offering some general musings on blowjob techniques. It's told in the first person (but, alas, the protagonist is not me), and includes a combination of both personal as well as imagined experiences with oral sex.   Deep-throat? For a while now, I've been wondering. How the hell do... Continue Reading →

I See You

Foreword: This flash fic was inspired by a scenario I witnessed on a train the other day. I was in London, on my way to meet with a friend. The train was fairly packed. I noticed a woman who was using crutches. A man asked her whether she wanted to sit down. She declined, saying that... Continue Reading →

Spit and Survive

Foreword: My husband and I really enjoy listening to songs by comedic Norwegian duo Ylvis. They have one particular tune called Intolerant, about a couple who are constantly fighting due to their respective dietary requirements, and they can never agree on what to eat together. So I figured I'd take this opportunity to write something very loosely... Continue Reading →


Foreword: A flash fic based on a recent observation of one of the guests at my co-worker's wedding at a swanky hotel. Only half of this story is true, at least from my perspective. I'll let you guess which half. Also, it's a lighthearted jab at my personal voyeurism kink. I wouldn't go this far though 🙂  Bar-stard I wait in line, patiently.... Continue Reading →

A Glassy Incident

Foreword: This piece is very loosely based on a dream I had in which I landed up in a building with a shower that had a really complex design and absolutely zero privacy. Embellished here for fictive purposes, and disclaimer - I don't have any fetishes directly associated with what happens at the end of the... Continue Reading →

Immunity Fuck

Foreword: Because, let's face it, nothing is sexier than a full-on flu. Please take this fuckfest of a story with a pinch of salt, and I'd like to add...I am not the protagonist here. Immunity Fuck The flu season has swarmed in like an angry posse of bees trying to retrieve their precious cargo from the... Continue Reading →

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