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A Pre-Breakfast Quickie vs. Endless Procrastination

It's seven thirty a.m. and I've just come out of the shower, still dewy even after having patted myself down with my towel. I'm halfway through slipping my clothes on and he's already dressed, ready for a new day at work. We kiss goodbye and I can't help but elongate the action, craving just a… Continue reading A Pre-Breakfast Quickie vs. Endless Procrastination

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The Would-be Amsterdam Voyeurs

My cousin H and I went to Amsterdam for our "joint" birthday celebration—I only emphasise the word "joint" for the double-entendre, but I've only tried smoking weed once in my entire life and I can tell you I failed miserably at it. Didn't even inhale the stuff properly. We have half-Dutch cousins on my dad… Continue reading The Would-be Amsterdam Voyeurs


The Bloodhound Gang vs. Innuendos

        The Bloodhound Gang are a band that are pretty much synonymous with providing ample innuendo and sex-related quips across a good portion of their songs, but all with a proper dash of light-heartedness and comedy. You probably know their most famous song The Bad Touch . I specifically remember requesting this song… Continue reading The Bloodhound Gang vs. Innuendos

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A Haiku – Inspired by Queer as Folk (UK)

Picked up some hot guy Fucked him right in the asshole His spunk was orange Stuart Allen Jones - ah, what a memorable character from (the original) Queer as Folk, played by Aiden Gillen. This sleazy, street-prowling motherfucker of an Irish gay sleeps with way too many guys to count during the series, but in one episode… Continue reading A Haiku – Inspired by Queer as Folk (UK)


Typewriter Erotica — This, That, and The Other

“Would you like to see my collection of antique typewriters?” Carl asked the woman sitting next to him at the bar. She smiled at him, giving her head a toss, her long, thick, reddish-brown tresses swirling, “Sure,” she said. “I’ve always fancied antique typewriters. My name is Rachel.” “Hi, Rachel, I’m Carl.” He got the […]… Continue reading Typewriter Erotica — This, That, and The Other