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Plug in, Baby

Foreword: This is a story I wrote a while ago and uploaded on Smashwords, but thought I’d re-post it here. This is some straight erotica, inspired by an exaggeration of my personal aesthetic attraction to synthesizers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to fuck a synth, because that’s not really possible. Or is it? I’d like to cite a short story from Strange Sex 3 for inspiring this idea (see: The Office Photocopier Wants to Fuck Me by Leonard Delaney). I do have a penchant for m/m gay fiction, but I wanted to at least try writing some straight stuff, so I intend to work on both from now on.


Natsumi Okamoto was truly in love with her new, shiny, multi-purpose synthesizer. As one of downtown Tokyo’s most on-trend female DJs, she had spent years collecting a wide range of devices produced by her favourite brand, TAKADA. After some time though, her relatively cramped apartment had become unworthy of giving them the care and attention they so deserved. With this in mind, she had recently taken the dramatic—and painful—decision to downsize her collection to a select few. She kept the chosen ones neatly together in one room, using them alternately whenever she went out to do a gig. They were undeniably her most precious possessions.

But her world turned upside down upon seeing the latest release, the TK-20, lined up at her local showroom. At that moment, she just knew. He was the one for her—it was love at first sight. No man could match the performance of this technological beast. Having stalked this particular model online, she quickly came to feel a deep lusting for it as she observed it undulating through its various development phases.

The final product had a smooth black, lacquered frame at a width of thirty-two inches—something that she could only begin to translate as “pure pleasure”. It had all the right buttons all the right switches in all the right places. Yesterday, she had smushed her face really hard against the showroom glass, wanting to touch the goods so badly that her cheeks burned. Today, the thing was right there in her room, ready to give her that sweet ear candy she’d been craving for months on end.

‘I’ve got other ideas for you tonight, you sexy beast.’

She took TK-20’s slick, lengthy cable in one hand and slipped it into the socket at the back of the console. It was important to make sure that his hole was well and truly plugged. She traced her fingers over the glorious array of buttons that lined his dashboard, each of his bumps and grooves providing the most sensual tactile experience. A shiver ran along her spine, and she let her gaze fall over him, wishing this investigative foreplay would last forever. Her pulse quickened in anticipation. Turning him on too quickly would be a rookie mistake. From experience, she knew it would be far more pleasing to taunt him first, make him beg for more. She brushed her fingers teasingly across his control panel.

‘Ah, there you are.’

She had located his pitch-bender—supposedly this was his sweet spot. Bringing her face in closer to the console, her impatient breath tumbled over his pearly white keys as she stroked the length of each and every one of them. The pitch-bender remained clearly under her lustful gaze. The mere sight of it was enough to send a heavy pulse to her pussy, and the blood rushed straight to her clit. The smell of freshly moulded plastic and burnt rubber combined together like some powerful aphrodisiac. Her darkest synth-sex fantasies were awakening, and nothing she could say or do would stop them.

Natsumi had never regarded her consoles as ‘just’ synthesizers; they were so much more than that. After all, she used them for work and for play. She had intended to keep things that way—dominating the model that best catered to her needs on any particular day. But TK-20 was different. He was sleek, sturdy and extremely handsome—a prime specimen to be sure. In her eyes, he deserved to be worshipped like a god. The thin slits on his pitch-bender were ripe for the licking. She stuck out her tongue and coated the switch with her saliva, letting out a satisfied moan as she revelled in the textures that played on her tongue.

‘You taste so fucking good.’

As if a ghost had entered him, TK-20’s power light suddenly flicked on like a bright orange flame contained within the panelling. Natsumi stopped what she was doing to look up at his display. A message appeared on the screen.



Natsumi was more than a little used to dirty talking her synths, but it was usually one-way from her perspective. This was something else. She had never had an actual response from one before. It was certainly unexpected, but who was she to complain? This was like a dream come true.

She smiled. ‘What do you want me to do next?’

A few seconds passed, but there was no reply. She considered the fact that the message might have simply been one of the pre-set greetings installed by TAKADA. Still, it would seem strange to have given the machine such realistic human qualities. These industries were far too objective in their programming methods. That, and she hadn’t even gone anywhere near the “on” button.

Somewhat disappointed by the lack of follow-up, she brought one hand up to his pitch-bender and began to stroke in short yet purposeful motions. Her saliva was still dripping from the switch, some of it finding its way between the gaps and entering him. There was a small fizzle as the saliva met with the electrical current, but it was not a fizzle that suggested danger. No, this was an altogether distinctive, salacious sound.

Another message flashed up on the screen.


This time, there was no mistaking it. Now she knew for sure that this was no programming fault. TK-20 was clearly enjoying the feeling of her juices inside him. Seeing this, her sense of staunch determination returned, and she was ready to go ahead and pitch-bend him into orgasmic oblivion.

‘Are you getting off on this?’ Her voice was sultry whisper.


‘Then tell me how much you want it.’


Natsumi slid her nimble fingers over his ribbed nodule with one hand and yanked down her skirt with the other. Her zip was done up too tightly so the skirt made a ripping sound as it came off, but she didn’t care. This kind of thing didn’t happen every day and she sure as hell wasn’t going to miss the chance to give TK-20 a proper test drive. She could sense that he was craving it too. She brought him down from the table and set him firmly on the tatami mat. After all, she needed better leverage. Her white panties were already soaked transparent with her juices. She removed them and squatted over the pitch-bender, lowering herself down onto it with a grunt, her vaginal liquids acting as a silky lube.

She rocked backwards, forwards, sideways, accidentally hitting one of the lower octave keys with her big toe. This caused TK-20 to cry out in the key of C Major. He oscillated wildly as Natsumi continued to spread herself over him. She wanted to make the most of all the pleasurable textures as they fondled her insides.

‘You’re making it difficult to resist. You’re too damn good!’

She wanted to know if her orgasmic moans were having any effect on him, so stole another glance at the display.


She felt herself redden as she saw her name appear on the screen.

‘D-don’t be silly. You’re already so hard.’


‘Well then, I won’t hold back,’ she said, flicking her hair over her shoulder. ‘I’m gonna get what I really want from you.’


‘I want you deep inside me.’


Natsumi laughed. ‘Are you kidding? You’ve got a full-on thirty two-inch playground right here.’

It was true that being penetrated by a synthesizer wasn’t ever going to measure up to sex with real men. She fucked a KORG last year that had such a small EQ switch it didn’t tickle her one bit. She contemplated TK-20’s handsome dashboard again. He had it all—frequency adjusters, panners and resonance controls—and everything was right there at her fingertips. They were all so majestic and perfectly rigid, with their little knobs and juts to add more spice into the mix.

‘I can work with these.’

Natsumi changed her position so she could face him length-ways. Her dripping pussy grew hotter as she hankered for the next new sensation. She lowered herself onto the set of controls located towards the middle of the dashboard, managing to take four of them inside her at once.


The hard plastic felt utterly sublime against her pussy as she straddled him, building up momentum. This felt like the grand prize for having taken home such a rarity. He had been expensive to procure, but he was worth every single penny. Only a handful were ever produced, so she felt honoured—like some VIP.


That was the first exclamation mark since their adventure began. Natsumi quickened her pace, desperate to provide him with the highest possible level of pleasure. Wetness oozed out and clung to the matte plastic before rolling down and seeping between two glossy C and D keys.



‘Good boy. That’s what I like to hear.’ Realistically though, how was he going to come?

Natsumi felt herself getting lost in all the sweet smells and the squelching sounds that were resounding across the small room. She would find his Q Factor, no matter what, then it was a case of scrambling his RAM, confusing his Pulse Waves and finally setting off his Single Trigger.

‘I’m so glad I found you, TK.’

As she fucked him, the floorboards let off a dull creaking and she noticed a light vibration resonating through them. Someone was there. She snapped out of her sex-fuelled daze and whipped her head around to peer over her shoulder. A man entered the room. She slowed her pace. He was handsome and wore simple clothes. There was a smattering of stubble adorning his chin, which made him look more mature. Natsumi guessed he was in his early thirties—perhaps the same as her. His eyes were unmoving and cold.

She felt herself grow fearful and instinctively leapt from TK-20, a dewy bridge of pre-cum dripping between her pussy and the knobs she’d been screwing. She pulled her top down over her lower half in a panic, her heartbeat quickening against her chest. But it was no use, the man had probably already seen everything. He kept his gaze fixed on her face, saying nothing. After a few seconds, she gave in and let go of her top. Her legs were spread. He was getting a full-on view.

‘I’m gonna call the police,’ she said, her voice shaky.

‘No, please don’t do that.’

‘But you’re the one who broke into my apartment. Who the hell are you anyway?’

The man gave a curt bow.

‘Ryo Takada.’

‘E-excuse me?’

‘That’s my name. Ryo Takada. Creator of the TK-20.’

N-no way…

‘How did you get in?’

‘You left your front door unlocked.’

‘Oh…’ Shit, I really need to be more careful. But that still doesn’t explain—’

‘Why I’m here?’ said the man, offering a warm smile. ‘Well, that’s because something unusual came up on our system.’

Natsumi crossed her legs back to try and show at least some degree of modesty to her guest, uninvited though he was. ‘I see.’

‘I understand that your TK-20 is missing a part.’

‘Huh? No, I-I don’t think so—’

Ryo shifted his gaze downward. ‘You are missing a part.’

‘Are you sure? It all seems to be here.’

‘Look, I made the synthesizer and I’m telling you, there’s definitely a component missing.”

‘Well then, do you know which part it is?’

The man fell to his knees and crawled towards Natsumi on all fours. ‘I’ve got the part you need, Ms Okamoto. If you want it, I’ll give it to you.’ He took her by the ankles and pulled her across the floor, spreading her legs open wide. Her heart was pumping overtime. What on earth was he going to do to her?

‘Mr Takada—’

‘Let me take care of you.’ Ryo gave a flirtatious smirk as he brought his face towards her left thigh and started to lick her skin. She tried to move away, but he pinned her down with a gentle persuasiveness. His tongue was soft and tantalising as it explored the area just beneath her pussy. He teased her mercilessly, stopping only a few millimeters short of her clit each time. It was truly excruciating. She felt herself throbbing with the anticipation of what was to come. This wasn’t something she was used to.

‘Wait, Mr Takada. I can only do this kind of thing with my synthesizer.’

Ryo slid closer and lifted Natsumi’s shirt up, just enough to expose her naval. Some of her juices had already leaked out onto the floor. He lapped at them hungrily, his face flushed in a light crimson.

‘Didn’t you hear me?’ Natsumi felt herself grow angry. ‘I said I only want to fuck my—’

Ryo continued regardless, licking and slurping up the puddle before him. Then, he raised his mouth and flicked his tongue once over Natsumi’s swollen clit.

Natsumi felt her entire body twitch. ‘Ah!’

‘Hmm. Are you sensitive there?’



Ryo teased her clit again but instead of just licking, he wrapped his lips around the nub and sucked on it, creating a vacuum effect. Natsumi flung her head backwards in pure ecstasy. A rush of adrenaline coursed through her body and she grabbed Ryo by the hair, clawing at his scalp.

‘Mr Takada—’

With that, Ryo’s movements only intensified. There was no denying that his technique was flawless. He drove his hot tongue deep into her pussy, and she bucked as he traced the perimeter of her inner walls in perfect, circular motions. She tried to cry out but her throat was parched. When was the last time someone had eaten her out like this? Had anyone eaten her out? She couldn’t remember. Her mind was full of nothing but the raw pleasure he was giving her.

‘The missing part—’ said Natsumi through laboured pants. ‘Where is it?’

Ryo withdrew his tongue and laughed. ‘You’re a terribly impatient customer, aren’t you, Ms Okamoto?’ He sat upright and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. ‘You’re truly delicious—did you know that?’

Natsumi averted her eyes. ‘Well, it’s not like I’ve ever tasted myself, so I wouldn’t—’

Ryo leaned forwards and locked her in a deep and passionate kiss. She could taste her own juices on his tongue. The flavour was surprisingly sweet and light—nothing like she would have expected—and something of a turn-on. As Ryo brought his hand up to fondle her right breast, she instinctively darted for the zipper on his jeans and knuckles brushed against the obvious bulge that had formed there. He moaned softly as she touched him. Hearing how aroused he had become only made her desires more immediate. She broke the kiss and pushed him onto his back. He hit the floor with a thud.

‘Ms Okamoto?’ Ryo’s widened eyes displayed genuine surprise.

‘Let’s drop the formalities, shall we? Just call me Natsumi…and I’ll call you Ryo. Deal?’

Ryo nodded coyly.

‘Alright then, Ryo—’ Natsumi felt pretty powerful in this position. ‘Let’s see what you’ve got.’ She pulled down the zipper and unfastened the button, easing his trousers off, little by little. His boxers tented sharply and the long, hard shape of his penis was easy to make out. The excitement was killing her. She felt around the rim of Ryo’s boxers, but he reached out and grabbed her wrist, which scared her.

‘This might not be what you’re used to,’ he said. ‘Don’t freak out when you see it.’

‘It’s okay.’ Natsumi smiled. ‘I’m used to improvising. I promise I won’t break it off or anything.’ He released his grip on her arm and she laughed to herself, slipping his boxers off. ‘After all, I’ve seen plenty of—’


But not like this.

Natsumi’s eyes widened as she took in the overwhelming beauty of the man’s cock. The thing was more marvellous than she could have ever dreamed—an exact replica of TK-20’s small blue volume control, but much longer. It was a good full eight inches of pure pleasure, so rigid with grooves in all the right places. She put her hand to her mouth and gulped. Was this really happening to her? It all felt so unreal.

‘That’s why I warned you.’ Ryo turned to face the wall. ‘I knew you’d be horrified by what you saw.’

‘No, you’re wrong—’ She straddled him, propping herself up on her knees. ‘It’s beautiful. I love it.’

Ryo stared her directly in the eyes, taking her firmly by the hips. ‘Then why don’t you fuck me already? You’re making me anxious.’

‘You don’t need to tell me.’ Natsumi lowered herself onto him, and his hard cock filled up her pussy completely. He let out a short gasp and she moaned loudly out as his thick-cut grooves worked their magic on her like some intergalactic sex toy. She rode him harder and faster, and her juices began to flow out with ease. It felt so sublime, so warm, and the smell was lustrous.

‘Oh god.’ Ryo slid his hands under Natsumi’s shirt again. This time, he took things one step further and ripped it from her body. He threw the shirt to the other side of the room and cupped her small breasts with both hands. He massaged them eagerly as she bobbed up and down, pinching and twisting at her nipples intermittently. ‘Fuck, you’re good.’

‘You’re so…damn…hard—’ Natsumi was finding it difficult to speak amongst all the stimulation. ‘Ryo.’

‘Of course I am, Natsumi.’

‘Tell me…what would turn you on the most?’

Ryo was silent for a few seconds, save for the odd grunt or moan. Finally, he spoke. ‘Would you let me come on your face?’

‘Sounds good.’ Natsumi smiled. ‘I’ve been wanting to taste you.’

‘Get on your back,’ demanded Ryo, lifting her from her current position. He flipped her over so she was lying flat on the floor, and straddled her. Natsumi was still in total awe of his cock—it was truly a unique sight to behold, and it appeared to be so much larger from her new perspective. She watched as he touched himself, stroking and squeezing at the moulded plastic intently, whimpering like a dog. It wasn’t clear how he was planning to climax, or what his cum would look like, but Natsumi was transfixed—she couldn’t tear her eyes away. He wrapped his palm around his shaft and pumped it ferociously. He arched his back inward and shifted closer to Natsumi’s face.

‘Are you going to come?’

‘Probably…’ Beads of sweat were forming on Ryo’s forehead. ‘It won’t be long now.’

Natsumi wasn’t used to being this passive during sex, so she took the initiative and placed a hand on Ryo’s ass. Then, she traced her fingers along his crack and down towards his anus. She noticed him wincing as her nail lightly caught the sensitive skin around his rim. Admittedly, it was the first time Natsumi was trying something like this, but she felt certain it could be pleasurable if it was done right. She brought her index finger back for a second and stuck it into her mouth, coating it thoroughly with her saliva.

‘I’m going to put it in,’ she said. ‘I hope you like it.’

‘I-I’ve never—’

Natsumi thrusted her finger into his tight hole, and probed around inside—he was seriously wet, dripping even. She probably hadn’t needed to use so much lubrication. His cock twitched as she explored deeper and he let out a harsh grunt. He was beating himself off faster now, teeth gritted and thin strands of hair sticking to the sweat that was decorating his forehead.

‘There’s a first time for everything,’ said Natsumi, winking suggestively. ‘Do you like this?’

At that moment, Ryo looked so cute—his face was quite the picture. ‘Don’t stop, I’m getting close.’ It wasn’t a definitive answer, but judging from the way his body was reacting to the anal play, she knew it was edging him further towards release. She stuck a second finger in, fucking him harder and with more determination. Then, as she went deeper, she brushed against something.

Ryo straightened up. ‘Ah!’

‘Looks like I found your sweet spot.’ Natsumi probed the area some more, scissoring around. She was determined to make him—

‘—Come…I’m going to come!’

Finally, thought Natsumi. I get to have a taste.

She watched in awe as the sperm was ejected from the tip of his cock. It wasn’t white, like normal cum, but blue—just like the cock itself, and thick too. The viscous bodily fluid looked so majestic as it flew towards her, and a fair amount fell onto her lips. No doubt he wanted her to eat it as much as she did. She didn’t hesitate to run her tongue around her mouth, taking all of it in. As she swallowed his cum, her nostrils dilated. The flavour, the smell—it was all so overpowering.

‘Oh my god.’ Natsumi’s chest throbbed with excitement. ‘It’s so good.’

Ryo brought the hand he’d used to masturbate towards her face and let her lick the remainder off his fingers. ‘As you can see, there’s something different about my cum.’

‘Yeah, well. That’s kind of obvious. Why is it blue?’

‘I don’t know,’ said Ryo, hoisting himself up onto his feet. ‘I had always assumed my cock was normal, until—’

‘Until what?’ Natsumi was curious.

‘Around eighteen years ago, when I hit puberty.’ Ryo took a tissue from Natsumi’s coffee table and wiped himself down. ‘That’s when I knew I was different.’

Natsumi smiled. ‘You may be different, but isn’t that a good thing? There’s probably no-one else like you in the world.’ She stood up and moved towards him, and put a hand to his chest. ‘In other words, you’re special.’

‘You don’t…think it’s weird that I showed up here today?’ Ryo sighed. ‘The truth is that at TAKADA, we track the all our synths for diagnostic purposes, so I knew what you were up to all along—well before I even got here.’

Natsumi wasn’t sure what to think. ‘You were spying on me this whole time?’

Ryo nodded once. ‘I’m sorry.’ He lowered his head, pushing her arm away. ‘It was wrong of me.’

‘I admit, it was strange.’ Natsumi looked down at his cock. ‘But I’ve never met a man who could give me so much pleasure.’

‘You don’t think I’m a freak?’

‘Well, sure.’ Natsumi laughed. ‘But aren’t we all?’

‘Yeah.’ Ryo smiled. ‘Maybe we are.’

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