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Use Your Imagination

Foreword: This is a more dystopian sci-fi flash fiction, in which the idea of sex has been cleansed from the minds of humans. That is, until hacker Dylan Kaczynski discovers the truth and plots revenge on those who have enforced it. Admittedly, I was going to use this as my idea for NaNoWriMo – hence the more elaborate image – but I just couldn’t figure out how to take this concept and create a full-length novel with it (I’m just lazy with planning). So, instead I am challenging myself to write a new flash fic every day this month on this blog. Let’s see if I can stick with it!



Use Your Imagination.png

Year: 2058 // Delta 40
Location: Charing Cross, London
Correspondent: Dylan Kaczynski

We live in a world where the entire concept of ‘sex’ is a distant memory, a relic from the past. Sexual pleasure, the kind of intimacy humans once shared, has disappeared without a trace. Every year, The National Museum holds an exhibition, detailing the important events that lead up to the Cleansing—a momentous time in 2018 when human minds were thoroughly wiped of sexual attraction. For one reason or another, the government decided they would sweep all mention of genitalia-derived pleasure neatly under the rug, denying its existence. And now we’re persuaded that we’re pure souls, destined to do great things within this ‘Delta’ world.

Our schools don’t bother to include sex education on the curriculum anymore—teenagers aren’t given guidance on how to slip condoms onto carrots like they used to. Doing something like that would be akin to learning a dead language, like Latin. There are no more ‘erections’, that’s historical knowledge and it can’t be used in practice, so what’s the point of being exposed to it? I suppose that’s the logic the teachers swear by. Not that they know any different.

I didn’t arrive on this earth until 2023, five years after the Cleansing, so it’s true that I’ve never experienced a life outside of this one. But I happen to have evidence that my parents were staunchly against the government’s idea to introduce Inhibitors—neural implants designed to mutate brain cells into believing that ‘sex’ is something to be feared. They protested fiercely, along with many others who believed that their sexual freedom was something that nobody would be able to take away from them. Oh, but it was. The sensation was gone in an instant, snatched from them overnight, right under their noses while they slept.

According to existing official documents, no child has even been born into this world through the act of sexual intercourse. No, that’s simply a myth we tell one another. In fact, the government asserts that humans are conceived in quite the opposite way. Batches of top-quality sperm were frozen from the beginning of the new millennium until 2018 through a stream of unsuspecting donors. Men were taken against their will, stripped, made to watch ‘pornographic films’ (whatever they are) and milked dry until there wasn’t a single drop left. That frozen sperm is now stored in specially-made caskets at optimal temperature, over time maturing into what can only be compared to a vintage wine. The earlier it was captured, the higher the payoff will be in terms of possible child conceivability. At least that’s how the story goes.

There’s a strict population control regime in place; only sperm samples and humans (male or female in this reality) with compatible DNA structures can parent children. That’s right, they need to be part of the same gene pool. And even then, there’s no guarantee that a full pregnancy can be reached. In order to keep things under control, the government has put certain allowances in place. Only one round of insemination is permitted per person. And if the stuff fails to stick, well…that’s it. There are simply no more chances to try again. The application process for obtaining sperm is long enough and arduous enough to drive anybody insane. But alas, expressing any sort of violent reaction towards the system would be inadvisable. To this day, no-one has ever won against the government.

Since the Cleansing, Inhibitors have been compulsory. At the exact moment children hit puberty, they are forcibly attached to the Amygdala-that part of the brain known for being the pleasure centre—through a procedure known as ‘Obedience’. Balls drop, periods start, but nobody understands the significance of those events anymore. They’re just accepted as part of the package, without a shred of explanation or any desire to explore them further. No-one ever touches themselves or fucks someone else because there’s no spark there to begin with. The government tracks the subtlest of changes in the body from birth. If there is even so much as a hint of sexual excitement, the Inhibitor will zap those deviant brain cells dead, ensuring that feeling can never be experienced again.

For all these reasons, I am on a mission to bring sexual pleasure back into the mainstream. As one of the most prominent hackers this side of the Atlantic, I managed to gain access to files the government had tried so hard to hide on their specially-encrypted system. It’s too bad for them that I know all their dirty secrets. In some ways, I would have been better off remaining oblivious to it all, and living my Obedient existence. But now? Now that I know how they’ve suppressed us, it troubles me deeply.

So I will not rest until I have fully unravelled the enigma of ‘sex’. I will remain an insatiable insomniac until I figure out exactly how pleasure can be experienced in this world. The moment we branched off from the Alpha and into the Delta, our personal desires were completely eradicated and replaced with a numb, gaping hole of nothingness. But I know right now there’s no-one waiting to be filled up with semen, no-one waiting to fill someone else up with semen. That’s all because of the Inhibitors. I need to stop them functioning, and I need to do it soon, if this plan is going to succeed.

All I want is to make people understand what they’re missing, what they could have if only they were able to use their imaginations. I want people to be able to think for themselves again, just as we were designed to. We should not be treated like animals, devoid of rational thought and desire.

Call me a Sinner, an Optimist or even a Deviant of the Delta, but I know what I want.
I know what I need. What you all need.

So brace yourselves.
Because you see this man right here?
He’s going to break down those barriers,
Re-write the code,
And fuck some sense back into the government.

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