Gay fiction

Glory Hole

Foreword: I’ve been pretty lazy about writing anything at all over this past week. That’s mainly because I’ve been distracted with various other things, and we ended up going out in the evenings quite a bit. So, without further ado, this is a story inspired by the key phrase ‘glory holes’.



Glory Holes

There was always something nice waiting for me whenever I’d go down to Brett Lane’s place all those years ago. That house was right in the middle of god-damn-nowheresville and yet it was so full of character. And I, Finn Taylor Jameson, could never have expected things would turn out the way they did.

Brett Lane had just transferred to Newingham High in senior year after his dad went and bought the biggest plot of land in the area. Even though he arrived at the most inopportune time, he was a loud, easygoing and cheerful kind of guy. Everybody liked him; he was good-looking and seemed a hell of a lot more intelligent compared to us stupid bunch of rednecks. People just wanted a piece of him, no matter how they got it. The girls all swooned in herds over his tall, muscular build and his handsome dark locks that swept over his eyes so mysteriously. The guys tried to round him up at the weekends to play football with them. You just didn’t see guys like Brett around these parts. After all, he came here from the city. Truthfully, I don’t think he ever really got a moment to himself when others were around.

My closest friends at Newingham were Tommy and Stevie. We’d met right at the beginning of freshman year and just clicked. After that, we never thought to expand our circle to include more people. It was comfortable exactly the way it was. We all liked gaming, we all got shit grades, we were all virgins. Even though we’d never got lucky with any of the girls at school, that didn’t stop us getting hard when we talked about the ones with the biggest tits and jacking off together over PlayStation mic every now and again. It felt good, I’ll say that, but we craved something more tactile than just the feeling of our own hands stroking our frisky, pure dicks.

It was one summer afternoon when we took our first excursion down to Brett’s farmhouse. It had been a long, boring day and we couldn’t wait to get back to our respective homes and let all of our stress out battling each other on some game, probably Call of Duty, whilst jacking off into an old sock that our moms would never find to throw into the laundry because we’d hidden it in some deep, dark crevice of the cabinet. But on that day, as me, Tommy and Stevie were making our way back, we noticed Brett standing in the field, shirtless, wearing only his jeans and working boots. It must have been at least ninety-five degrees out and his chest was seeped with sweat. He looked like one of the guys off of those Diet Coke commercials I saw when I was a kid. You know, where all the ladies stop what they’re doing at work and gawp at some construction worker’s finely toned chest? That’s what Brett looked like, except we weren’t gawping in the same way as those ladies. It was more of a jealous kind of gaze. If only we could get a piece of Brett’s effortless charm, I have no doubt at least one of us would have got our dick wet by now.

Brett turned around, smiling as he called out to us.

“Hey, guys! You wanna hang with me in the house? I’m just finishing up out here.”

Me, Tommy and Stevie just stood there like lemons. I wondered why the hell Brett’d want to hang out with a group of freaks like us. It seemed sudden. It wasn’t like we’d hung out much before. We looked at one another for a few seconds, silently trying to gauge what we were each thinking.

I leaned in.

“Guys, do y’all really wanna go? I can’t help but feel like this is a bad idea.”

Stevie clicked his tongue. “Are you fuckin’ kidding me Finn? We gotta go. We just gotta!”

“Yeah. He’s right,” said Tommy. “I mean, Brett don’t just invite anybody in like this and I dunno ’bout you but my balls are sweating bullets right now. I need to cool off.”

I sighed. “Alright, fine. Have it your way. But if this shit goes south and he tries to fuck with us in any way, shape or form, just know that I will hold you guys accountable.”

Stevie shook his head and chuckled to himself. “Geez, just chill out man, okay? You’re so damn uptight these days.”

Brett picked his shirt up off the ground and wrapped it around his waist as he made his way towards the farmhouse.

“I’m heading inside!” he shouted, looking back at us over his shoulder. “My mom’s making a fresh batch of cookies. You’ll wanna try ’em. I promise they’re gonna be the best you ever tasted.”

I waved at him. “Sure, Brett. We’ll be right there!”

Tommy turned to me, jabbing me in the ribs. “Y’know? I bet if we get on his good side, he might be able to…make a few introductions.”

Stevie smirked at this idea and chimed in. “Yeah, maybe his sex appeal’s gonna rub off on us or somethin’.”

“Alright, whatever. Let’s just go in.” I didn’t even bother trying to argue with the guys. After all, milk and cookies never hurt anyone, did they?

Tommy and Stevie high-fived each other, evidently pleased with the decision we’d arrived on, and we all followed Brett across those glistening fields of corn.

The house was traditional, but at the same time it was super clean and had a comforting, homely feel to it. Brett’s mom was a slender, attractive woman who must have been in her mid-forties. Being from Chicago, she had something of a city vibe about her, just like Brett did. I never really met his dad, but I guessed he was pretty much the same too. It was as if this family didn’t really belong out in the sticks, but they were making do by at least pretending like they enjoyed the lifestyle. Brett’s mom took the tray of cookies out of the oven and took a good, strong whiff.

“Oh, they’re almost done. Why don’t you boys go make yourself at home? I’ll be up with your snacks real soon.”

“I’m seriously sweaty,” said Brett, wiping his hand across his ripped torso and smiling. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

I gulped, a little distracted by his altogether too perfect body and gestures. “Yeah…sure. So should we go wait in your room?”

Brett nodded. “Uh-huh. Sit wherever you want. Hope you don’t mind mess too much. I can never be bothered to tidy.” He motioned up the stairs. “First door on the left.”

The three of us ventured up the staircase, the boards creaking beneath our feet. I opened the door to Brett’s room and we went in. For a few moments, we were all dead silent as we cast our curious eyes around the place. I don’t know what we’d expected to find there. Porn magazines, pin-ups, that kind of thing. Sure, his room was a mess just like he said, but we didn’t care about that. Brett was the most popular guy in school and we were right there in his house, about to gain access to his treasure trove of secrets about all the girls he’d fucked and how we could fuck them too.

Or so we assumed.

Tommy and Stevie were just consumed with awe and chattered among themselves for a while. Since the other two were distracted, I had decided to explore Brett’s room further when there was a knock at the door.

“Boys?” It was Brett’s mom. “Can I come in?”

“Sure, Mrs. Lane,” said Tommy.

Brett’s mom opened the door and cleared some room on a small table to set down the tray of cookies and four glasses of milk. “Here you are. Enjoy!”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lane!” said Tommy, a little over-enthusiastically.

“You just let Brett know if you need anything else, alright?”

“Oh, we will Mrs. Lane. We will.”

Brett’s mom nodded, smiled and left the room.

Stevie nudged Tommy in the side. “Shut up…”

What?” Tommy pulled a face like he’d eaten a whole grapefruit in one mouthful.

As I shoved one of the cookies into my mouth, I found myself participating in an unsuspecting daydream. My mind drifted towards thoughts of Brett taking that shower, butt naked, his (probably) huge dick swinging around, the shower gel creaming up around his buttocks like whipped cream. I shook my head to snap myself out of it. What was I even thinking?

“Hey man.” Stevie walked over to me. “You’re totally spacing out over here.”

“Yeah, I know. I was just-”

Stevie wiggled his eyebrows like he knew something. “Thinking ’bout how hot Brett’s mom is, huh?”

“What? No! Why would I even think about-”

“Come on, man. We’re all thinking it. Did y’all see that ass when she bent over to put the tray down just now?”

“Yeah.” Tommy rubbed his hands together and licked his lips like some lusty wolf. “Fuck, it looked so tight, I could just rub my dick between those pert cheeks of hers.”

“Guys…no.” I turn to face them. “I don’t wanna think about that kind of thing, okay? It’s weird. Plus, she’s like forty.”

“Then what were you thinking about?” Stevie looks at my crotch. “Cause you’re pretty damn stiff down there right now.”

Oh shit, I really am.

Think of something, think of something!

“I um…I found a dirty magazine in the closet but then Brett’s mom came in so I put it away.”

“Oh-ho-ho yeah! See? I knew he read them.” Tommy took a bite of cookie, crunching it up through a satisfied grin. “Come on, show us. I wanna know what gets that guy off.”

But before I could come up with an excuse not to show them the non-existent magazine, the door clicked open and Brett walked in, a pristine white towel securely tucked around his waist, droplets of water still clinging to his torso, hair slicked back but dripping wet. He clicked the lock on the door.

“Hey guys, sorry I took so long,” he said. “Gotta get nice and clean, you know?”

I felt my chest tighten as his dark, sexy eyes met mine. That one glance was all it took. Even more blood rushed straight to my dick and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Brett unfastened his towel and let it fall to the floor. Tommy and Stevie were just trying to keep a low profile in the background, pretending like they’d never even mentioned what gets him off, or how they’d like to breed his mom’s ass. But me? I was practically shitting myself as Brett stood there. Although he was facing the other direction, I could see his glorious body reflected in the mirrored facade of his wardrobe. He was packing a good six inches even when soft. My cheeks were burning and my dick throbbing, just begging for some air. Brett slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and pants, not bothering with a shirt.

“Finn.” Brett cocked his head to one side and offered me a somewhat knowing look. “Can I…borrow you for a bit?”

“O-okay.” He wanted to see me…alone?

“Wait, what are you guys gonna talk about?” Stevie appeared genuinely concerned. “We both wanna know the secrets of how to get girls too! It ain’t fair, just picking on Finn like that.”

“That’s not why we’re here,” I said, determined not to seem so eager to get laid.

Brett laughed. “Look, I get it. You think I’m super popular with the ladies, right?”

“Well y’are!” Tommy gushed. “It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.”

“Hmm.” Brett nodded slowly. “Be careful what you assume boys, that’s all I’m saying.” He turned his attention towards me again. “Finn, you coming?”

“S-sure. I’ll be right back guys.”

Stevie clicked his tongue. “Don’t do nothing I wouldn’t.”

I followed Brett out of his room, and without any warning at all he took my hand. I immediately recoiled, like some cat that had been rubbed up the wrong way. Instead of taking his hand, I pulled my shirt down a little, figuring it might help to hide my boner.

“What’s the matter?” Brett grabbed my left wrist, and this time I didn’t resist. “Are you trying to run away?”

“I-I don’t want anything from you, Brett. I swear.”

“Really?” He batted my hands away, causing my shirt to spring back into its original position and cast his eyes over my lower regions. He ran a finger along the obvious bulge in my pants and I flinched, nerves getting the better of me. “Because it looks like you’re in need of some attention down there.”

“N-no, It’s fine. I mean…you know how it is with us guys, right? Random wood don’t have to mean nothing.”

“Well…” Brett rolled his eyes at me, cutely. “I can’t say I believe you, but since you’re in my house I can’t just leave you in this state.”

I averted my eyes. “I can take care of it myself if it’s bothering you so much.”

“Oh no, it’s not bothering me,” said Brett, smiling. “But don’t you want someone to do it for you?”

“What are you suggesting?”

He ushered me into the bathroom and shunted the lock on the door closed. Then, he pulled open a cabinet door with a hole in it. “Take off your pants.”

My heart was thumping wildly in my chest. “Wh-what is this?”

“Don’t worry,” said Brett, unbuckling my belt for me. “I’m gonna make you feel so damn good.”

He slipped off my belt, unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the floor. Then, he wrapped his fingers around the rim of my boxers, teasing them a little before yanking them the things off completely. I felt my whole body tremble as my dick stood to attention right in front of his eyes.

Brett chuckled. “Well…I gotta say, man. I am impressed.”

“It’s nothing compared to yours. I mean…not that I was looking or anything.”

“Of course you were looking.” He smirked. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. You were just curious, right?”

I sighed. “Maybe it was cause of Tommy and Stevie. They kept yappin’ about how popular you are and how you must get to screw loads of girls.”

“Yeah?” Brett shook his head from side to side. “Well, you know what? I don’t.”

He motioned for me to move forwards, so I did. “Put your dick through this hole.”

I looked at the hole in the cabinet door wistfully. “Why?”

“Because…” He scratched the back of his head. “I wanna suck you off, and that way you don’t have to see me doing it. You know…if you wanna visualise a girl you like or something.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Brett Lane—the source of every girl at school’s fantasy—was actually offering to give me a blowjob? I couldn’t even compute what the chances of that even happening were.

Still, despite how confused my mind was, my body was physically consumed with desire, so I did as he said and stuck my dick through that hole. I stood behind the cabinet door, blind to what Brett was about to do. “I-I don’t mind if you do.” I was still terrified, what with it being my first time and all.

“In that case, I’ll have my fill.”

I felt his fingers wrap around my dick and he started to pump it in strong motions. There was no way I could have pretended a girl was doing this to me, and truthfully, I didn’t want to. It was so much more of a turn-on to imagine what his flushed, sweaty face was like. Then, he took me into his mouth completely, running his expertly slippery tongue along the underside of my shaft and lapping at it hungrily. The blood pumped right to the tip of my dick. I twitched, a rush of excitement jolting through me as I felt the way he teased me with his tongue and lips. He did this thing where he ran his teeth in a downward motion over my head and then on the way back up, he sucked on it nice and hard, like a vacuum cleaner. Soon he was swallowing me right up and coating me with his saliva, taking me deeper and deeper until my tip was practically knocking against his uvula.

His actions were occasionally interrupted with short gasps for breath and a series of fucking sexy low, guttural moans. The way he was attending to me felt so damn good, but I needed something more to really make me come. I considered what I usually do to myself when I jerk off at home. If I was going to bring myself to climax, I’d have to at least play with my ass. I wet my index finger and circled the entrance to my tight hole, just long enough to slick it up so it wouldn’t feel too rough. I thrust my finger inside and wiggled it around, trying desperately to find my prostate. Meanwhile, Brett was enjoying my needy, near-bursting dick like he was trying to get the last scrap of cotton candy left on the stick. I could feel his sucking intensify. He was deep throating me like there was no tomorrow.

Despite the pleasure that my body was responding to, my mind raced with thoughts of Tommy and Stevie sitting in Brett’s room wondering where the hell we’d gotten to. What if they put two and two together and…no, surely they wouldn’t jump to this conclusion, would they? Not after all the chatting we’d done about wanting to fuck girls, like some desperate horny dogs. But there I was, with my dick through a hole in the door of a bathroom cabinet being consumed by the most popular guy in school. I know I keep emphasising that, but it’s true. The situation was so damn surreal I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then Brett unlatched and I felt the air swirl around my tip briefly. I poked my head around the door. Brett’s face was a real picture, all flustered and sweaty. He looked up at me, wiped the saliva from his mouth and smiled.

“It’s alright, I’m not just gonna leave you hanging.” He took my dick with his right hand and gently fingered around the underside of the head. “That would just be cruel, right?”

“I guess so.”

“Then go back behind that door. Don’t look at me while I do it.”

“Why?” I was genuinely puzzled. “Can’t I watch?”

“Please, just-”

I sighed. “Well, okay. I’m not gonna argue with you man.”

He twisted and pulled me with such skill I forgot the action was being performed by Brett and not a machine. I bit my bottom lip. Every one of my six inches was being jerked and squeezed to perfection, and it was fucking amazing.

I couldn’t resist voicing my opinion and at the same time, a satisfied moan escaped from my throat.

“Y-you’re so good at this.”

“Really?” He laughed. “It’s my first time.”

“No shit. That’s because you normally get blown by the girls, right?”


Brett continued to pump away at my erection, gaining more traction with every thrust. Now, it slipped along my shaft with ease, his saliva providing ample lubrication.

The lack of response concerns me. “Brett?”

“Hmm.” It was a weak reply.

“A-are you okay?”

He ran his tongue back over the tip of my dick again, digging those teeth in gently yet sensually. His grip tightened around my shaft with one hand, and he moved the other to cup my balls. I just wanted to explode. So I did. I erupted semen all over his hand, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There was so much of the stuff and I was kind of embarrassed, but it was such a sweet, sweet release.

“Oh…damn. I really came a lot.”

There was still no word from Brett. I started to wonder if I’d offended him somehow. “Seriously, answer me, man.” I poked my head around the door again. He was sitting there, licking my semen off his hands, really lustily. And I mean, he looked hot.

He took a break and met my gaze. “I-I’m sorry.”

“What for? I really enjoyed that.”

“S-so did I…”

“Well then, what’s the problem?”

“I just…”

I pulled my dripping semi-hard dick out of the hole and went around to the other side of the door. I kneeled down beside him and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright, Brett. I’m not judging you.” I smiled. “If anything I’m just happy I got to experience this.”

Brett nodded, slowly. “Yeah…I guess you’re right.”

I was sure it would take him some time to come to terms with what happened. But every week after school was out, I’d wander over to his place, eat his mom’s cookies, drink some milk, and then he’d drink mine. That was the deal. We didn’t tell anyone, not even Tommy and Stevie. That glory hole in the bathroom cabinet was our little gay secret. We never left a mess, no trace at all of what we’d been doing. To this day, that was some of the best damn head I ever got.

And I will always remember him.

Because the next summer was the last time he was seen.


Rest in peace, man.

Rest in peace.




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