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Six Layers of Chocolate

Foreword: A straight flash fic from a female perspective. I have admit, the concept of the chocolate variations does smack of Fifty Shades *pukes* – unintentionally – but I just had this idea and rolled with it. Feel free to let me know your honest thoughts on this, or anything else I write here.


Six Layers of Chocolate

Adrian is just like chocolate. Every now and again, he completely melts and then congeals back into another form. Always getting increasingly bitter. Underneath it all, he’s a seriously sweet guy. But sometimes a dormant bitterness rises to the surface and kills that sweetness dead.

Flavour One—White Chocolate

The sweetest of the sweet. On White Chocolate days, he’d never cease to smile cutely at me, tell me what a pretty girl I was, tuck my hair behind my ear and be overtly romantic. Much more so than usual. He’d even bring bunches of flowers home on his way back from work. That made my gag reflexes fulfil their practical purpose pretty quick. Who even has time to take care of flowers anyway? They’re just such useless fucking decorative vegetation.

Flavour Two—Milk Chocolate

Still sweet as they come. When he’d have a Milk Chocolate day, he’d keep a more neutral attitude, skip out on buying the flowers (thank you!), and just kiss me hello when he got back. Then, he’d rustle up some dinner. Something easy, like a stir-fry. But still, it was nice. Maybe we’d fuck if the mood was right. There were never any promises on Milk Chocolate day. To quote Forrest Gump, I never knew which one I was going to get.

Flavour Three—60% Cacao

Like anything in life, chocolate isn’t just black and white and dark chocolate doesn’t come in just one level of darkness. Oh no. You see, there were gradients in the flavours he presented me with every day, and 60% was always a hard one to judge. They would be almost identical to his Milk Chocolate days, but with an undertone of sadism to them. If you asked me to try and pinpoint the exact moment I knew he was at 60% I’d fail miserably. But on those days, he had something of an alluring presence about him, one that made me wet with anticipation – one that was usually catered for a little more intensely than usual.

Flavour Four—75% Cacao

Three quarters of the way there and he comes home from work in a bad mood because his boss has had a go at him about something or other. I’d listen while I danced around the kitchen naked except for a tiny apron, and cook something hearty and comforting like Shepherd’s Pie. As he’d come in, cursing and badmouthing his workmates, I’d flip the apron up and flash my ass at him, holding the spatula in my hand mid-stir. His eyes would flicker on like faulty light bulbs and he’d come up behind me, take me by the hips and grind his hard cock between my cheeks. Even when it was still in his trousers, I could tell he’d got so angry at work that he’d worked up quite an appetite. Well, he needed to release the stress somehow, that was for sure. On 75% days, I was almost guaranteed to get hard anal. Result.

Flavour Five—85% Cacao

Fifteen percent away from being fully coerced to the darkest of the dark sides, he stormed in from work, having handed in his notice. He’d had enough of those unforgiving pricks, taking for granted everything he’d worked hard to achieve for the company. They could shove it up their pie-holes, he said. On one particular 85% day, I’d forgotten to wear anything at all and when he got back I’d already showered after a long day at the office myself. I had spread myself out on the sofa like a lioness waiting to greet him, naked, except for a pair of socks. It was the middle of winter after all and even with the heating on, my feet would always get colder than the rest of my body.

So when he raged in like a tornado that day and saw me lying there, he called me a dirty slut and that I should put some clothes on. Of course, he was just hornier than ever after having severed his ties with those mongrels. I took the initiative and grabbed him by the belt as he went past me. I pulled him towards me and practically ripped his trousers off, desperate to wrap my lips around that fucking hard cock I knew would be ready for a good, long tease. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked it until my neck cracked. It didn’t hurt though. On the contrary, it felt good. He ‘let’ me use the dildo on him that night. He cried out as I probed his tight and inexperienced hole with my seven-inch silicone beast, making him come with thick and pearly bliss. He said he’d made sure I regretted what I did to him and then ate me out like the horny wolf he was.

Flavour Six—100% Cacao

Well, we haven’t quite reached that point yet and I wonder if we ever will? But if we do, I suspect it will be darker than the darkest night. Darker than if the universe exploded or collapsed in on itself. Blacker than the deepest, most unfulfilled soul. So far, I’ve never known him to go beyond that kink-fulled 85%. But what if he did? I honestly don’t know what would happen.

Maybe I should shake a little more cocoa on him and find out.

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