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Immunity Fuck

Foreword: Because, let’s face it, nothing is sexier than a full-on flu. Please take this fuckfest of a story with a pinch of salt, and I’d like to add…I am not the protagonist here.

Immunity Fuck

The flu season has swarmed in like an angry posse of bees trying to retrieve their precious cargo from the humans who stole it from them. It’s been swooping down and stinging even the innocent bystanders who were outside the planned strike zone. One by one we topple and explode, and we give into the dire feeling of helplessness that accompanies our compromised immune systems. It won’t go on for too long, this seemingly lethal virus. It’ll all be over in a few days.

…won’t it?

You’ve been drifting off, sweating like a whore in a half price sale, then feeling ice-cold chills tantalise your spine in the space of a few minutes. But I really want to help you get better. I can see how you suffer.

And it’s been like this all week. Those cold and hot flushes keep coming and going, more often than I can keep track of now. We’ve been switching the heater from low to high and back so frequently I think the electricity is going to stop working pretty soon.

I need a solution. I want a solution.

Maybe…the answer’s simpler than I’d been assuming. It’s not like we have to wait for this to blow over. Maybe, instead of playing the long game I’ll just steal your germs. I’ll let all the bacteria that’s tunnelled its way into you infect my very core, worming and twisting inside me and multiplying into hordes of hideous baby germ cells. Yes, I know it’s such a fucking dirty and unsanitary thought, but nevertheless I want it. Allow me to ingest every last drop of your sneezes. I don’t even need to get close to you to encourage it to enter me, and it’s probably not advisable either. But I don’t care. All I want is to savour those germs, to strip them away from you.

The inevitable fever is rising up inside you with such a fierce pulse that your cock is responding accordingly. Your veins are so thick with blood right now. One lick and suck is all it would take to drain your balls dry. Use my body as a sacrificial vessel that transports your cum and carries all the shit out of you, thrusting it into very the pit of my stomach. Sure, I know it’s going to taste even yeastier than usual, but I’ll see to it that your spunk sloshes around in my intestines like it can’t find the exit.

I’ll sap that energy-killer right out of you even though my fate in this matter is already signed, sealed and delivered. Tomorrow I might wind up dead, but for now I insist you bring me all the painkillers, lemon juice and honey you’ve got. I’m going to need a shield against this tidal wave, even if it’s clear that swimming against it is pointless. I’ll drown in a sea of festering viral carnage, but that’s not going to stop me from fucking you healthy.

Now, let me get inside those dripping nostrils of yours.




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