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Blindfolded & Brimming with Desire

Foreword: This is a solo play piece loosely (actually completely) based on something that I indulged in this morning after a short workout at the gym. I was comfortably drawn to the idea of boosting those endorphin levels just a little more 😉 Allow me, dear readers, to share this experience with you – unabashedly.

And remember, whether it’s sexual in nature or not, take some time out of your day to be kind to yourself. Go for a walk, eat something you love, read the next chapter in a book you’re reading. No matter how busy you are, or what demands seem to be stealing your time, try and take at least half an hour each day, at least, to do something especially for you. Of course, random acts of kindness can also go a long way.

Believe me, a little bit of self-care can go a long way. I know this, because I am prone to forgetting about it and neglecting my own mental health. That’s why I’m sharing this thought 🙂

So, without further commentary, here’s today’s post.


Blindfolded & Brimming with Desire

I arrive back home from the gym at around nine this morning. It’s been some time since I’ve incorporated a concentrated workout session into my day. And it’s no exaggeration when I say that it felt fantastic. I’m not one to really force a sweat out, ramp up the revs, or engage in extreme measures to get into shape. But I do enjoy the sense of lightness I experience when I’m done peddling away on the exercise bike for half an hour. It brings about a certain…rush of energy inside me, pumping through my veins and causing my mind to perk up.

The Bulletproof coffee I’d whipped up earlier may have been a contributing factor, but I feel pretty buzzed as I slip my keys into the tight orifice of our front door. I jump into the steaming shower once my husband has finished, and wash myself over fervently, in the process I treat myself to some LUSH Magic Crystals. Upon contact with the warm water, the purple exfoliating goo becomes a slippery and fragrant gel that soaks deep into my skin. I tingle all over. A strong aroma of peppermint pervades my nostrils and I gently run my hands over my shoulders, taking it all in.


After patting myself dry with a towel, I glide into the bedroom, cocking my hips from side-to-side as I move. This isn’t the way I usually walk. It’s more of a combination of feeling horny and treading on eggshells because we’re on the third floor of an apartment block. Ergo, the tiptoeing has become something of a habit.

I consider the options. What is it that I want to do to myself right now? 

Ah, yes. I think to myself. That’s exactly it.

I slip a clean towel across the duvet covers, spreading it nice and thick so it can soak up whatever comes into contact with it. I already know that’s going to be necessary, because, boy, can I squirt like a leaking pipe! Sometimes, I’ll make a point to record these mini adventures on my phone so I can watch with him later. That’s a fun way to start off the foreplay. I recommend it, so long as you remember to delete all evidence of it afterwards. But that’s not on the cards today. All I want to do right now is feel this. I get on my knees and straddle the towel fully, opening myself up, my cunt willing and waiting, dripping with anticipation of being filled right to the brim with silicone.

I take the cap off the lube with one hand, and with the other I grab the monster dick dildo and coat it completely. It’s nice and prepped now. To be honest, it’s probably a little too prepped. But that’s going to make this all the more pleasurable. I can feel my clit pulsing down below, instinctively begging to be touched. I want more than one object to fill me up today, so I take a small, pink butt plug and slip it right into my anus.


Right now, I really wish I had a prostate to push down on so I could experience this sensation even more. It still feels damn good. The feeling of fullness from having something in there is almost addictive. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a vagina but one can fantasise.

With the butt plug firmly planted inside me, I take the blackout eye mask I use at night and secure it over my face, blocking out all vision. This seems like an effective way to heighten the senses. I feel around on the duvet to locate the dildo. As I do, I fasten my grip around the ample base and guide it towards my cunt. I make it so that the moistened, flexible tip comes softly into contact with my slick and impatient entrance. Then, I explore by moving the dildo in deliberate swirling, circular motions and probe more deeply with each fresh rotation. Without relying on my hands anymore, I slip my entire weight down onto the full length of the dildo and begin to fuck myself with it. Because of the amount of lube I’ve put on, there’s no hesitation, and it fills me, as desired, all the way from the tip to the base. The momentum is slow at first. I allow a gasp to escape my throat as the juts and soft silicone spikes that adorn the sides of the thing enter me, flexing in and out as I move.

The dildo is already rife with my very own natural creamy lubricant. As I impale myself, albeit carefully, on the lovely toy with more and more vigour I can feel the rush of joy spreading right through me. I continue to move up and down, and my breasts follow the motion, slapping lightly against me—just a little—they’re not huge after all. I bring my fingers down to where my clit is throbbing, pull apart the labia to get clear access and gently poke at the engorged organ, flicking it in tiny yet rapid movements. This is all causing the blood to rush straight to my cheeks. There’s an amiable burn there. I fling my head backwards and take deep, chest-heaving breaths as I fuck and flick myself into a tizzy. My anal muscles tighten around the butt plug. I’m close now.




I come, the translucent juices eagerly dripping from within me and over the convex indentations of the monster dick dildo. I’m blindfolded, but I don’t need to physically see it to know that’s what’s happening. I cast the dildo aside and concentrate on using my fingers to tease out some more of that cum—this is always a telltale sign that I’ve grown horny as hell. I caress the drenched slit with my fingers, the small nodules creating a mild friction. These walls are so thick, full and lined with cum. I place two fingers around my clit and push down on it repeatedly, moving it from side-to-side so it feels like it’s flush against my pelvis. I prise my labia apart again and lightly trace the edges with my nails. I want to come again. So I do. I let out a steady stream of my juices and feel them seep into that towel. It must be absolutely permeated by this point. I take off my eye mask and throw it back onto the pillow again. I look down and see exactly how much of a mess I’ve created.

I bite down gently on my bottom lip.

This has been a most satisfying experience.


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