Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Review – #4: Purple Rabbit

I’ve had this purple rabbit vibrator from Lovehoney for a little while now. It’s interesting because one half of the thing works really, really effectively and the other half is a bit disappointing to say the least. Design-wise (and no, the photos don’t do it justice), this vibrator is quite pleasing. It’s bright purple, but it’s transparent enough so you can still see the mechanics inside.

The probe/shaft seems to be made from some kind of gummy rubber material – maybe silicone, but it feels distinct from it at the same time. It’s quite soft and squishy to touch. This part can be operated independently from the bullet clitoral stimulator on the front. For me, this small bullet vibrator is the best part of the toy. It has at least eight different speed settings / vibration patterns, some of which are very intense. I have orgasmed multiple times just from the clit stimulation this provides. Trust me, you might require a large towel when conducting this experiment!

As for the other part, it’s really fun to see the mechanics whirring away while it’s in use, but there isn’t a lot of movement from the penetration point of view, so I tend to use this vibrator only for the clit stimulation and nothing else. Like I said, sometimes that is all I need. The only drawback is that it isn’t hands-free at all, and it’s impossible to position it without having to hold the thing pretty tight on the clit.

Still, I rate this one highly purely on the merit of its powerful bullet.



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