Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Review – #5: Anal Beads

This is another of my fairly simple anal toys, and one which I purchased quite some time ago when I wanted to get more used to probing around in there. This one is a great introductory anal bead toy, with beads that go from tiny to slightly larger. It’s in no way uncomfortable and is really satisfying either when used alone or in conjunction with vaginal penetration. The beads are hard, but still have some flexibility.

I would recommend these if you don’t want to commit to any hardcore anal stuff, but just want something that isn’t going to stretch you too much in the beginning. The loop on the end also makes it very easy to keep control of how far and fast the beads go in. I pull them out slowly for the best sensation. Still, use a smidgen of lube for ease of insertion and withdrawal.

I think these were purchased from Lovehoney.


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