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Kirei Reiki (Beautiful Aura)

This is something I wrote ages ago in 2011, when I was meant to be working on my University dissertation. This is by no means favourite story, but I finally got around to editing it and cutting it down massively after all this time. Figured I’d put it out there, regardless of the cheese factor. This was inspired by a reiki class I took on a whim one day. Nothing that goes on in this story actually happened, naturally, but it helped set the scene for this nevertheless.

The original story went off on something of a more extreme tangent—and I mean extreme in a seriously uncool rapey, incestuous way—so I decided it really needed to be re-framed and shortened in order to avoid that. There was a whole bunch of unrequited brotherly obsession that took this down an entirely different path, and I just didn’t feel comfortable keeping it that way. This is despite the fact that for a Film Studies screenwriting module, I once wrote the first part of a film about brother-sister incest in which the brother has a multiple personality disorder. That is also never going to see the light of day. Truly, I am not sure what was going through my mind.



Kirei Reiki

Rin Fujimoto sat in his bed, tucked under the top sheet and staring at the ceiling.  He was a skinny yet mildly athletic young man of eighteen, with light brown hair that matched his glowing hazel eyes. Recently his facial expressions rarely complemented his stunning natural beauty. He had built up a reputation for being the kind of moody, disobedient teenager who got poor grades in school and was on a fast track to failure – or at least that’s how his parents viewed it.

He shuffled beneath the covers, took out his phone and opened up the picture gallery. He fixed his gaze on one particular photo for a few seconds, then gently closed his eyes. Then, he slid his hand under the sheet covering his lower half and unfastened his jeans. He ran his fingers over the strong, stubborn erection that had been brewing there for a while and began to pump, slowly to begin with.

‘Mmm, that feels so good…more…ungh…’

His strokes picked up pace and with each, he let out quiet, strained whimpers. The sound of footsteps caused him to stop what he was doing.


It was his father—someone who always managed to ruin these rare intimate moments with himself. Rin’s hands were still glued inside his pants when the bedroom door swung open. His father poked his head around the door and then entered. He wore a black traditional-style men’s kimono. A sinister look fit for a funeral.

‘Didn’t you hear me? Come and help us get ready for dinner.’

Rin gave off a disgusted sigh, shut his phone and pulled the sheets over him some more. ‘Don’t you even know what knocking is, Dad?’ He rolled onto his side to face the wall, curled his body up into a tight ball and fumbled with the zip on his jeans, keeping the nature of his activities as discreet as possible.

‘Get downstairs now!’ It seemed his father would make no apologies for the invasion of privacy.

Rin clenched his fists in a display of resentment, but since he couldn’t keep it up for much longer he eventually gave in, ‘Alright, alright, I’m coming. Just quit bugging me.’ His father slammed the bedroom door. ‘Damn, I never get to finish,’ he cursed under his breath. He threw an oversized hoodie over him, hoping it would suffice to conceal his lingering arousal.

He went downstairs, fixing his stubborn gaze to the floor as he walked. As he approached the dining room, he heard a series of loud celebratory cheers. Moving closer towards the source, he peered cautiously around the wooden door frame, Rin swore to himself.. The whole family was there, including both sets of grandparents and cousins.

His elder brother Junnosuke appeared to be smiling more than he usually did. Rin noticed he was clutching a letter in his right hand. Junnosuke was an intelligent, attractive young man of twenty-two who had just completed the fourth and final year of his degree in Engineering at Keio University. He was widely expected to get the highest grades in his class. No doubt his slim build, dark brown hair and thick-rimmed glasses helped him to look quite the part.

Rin maintained his distance from the crowd and yanked his hoodie down in an sudden onset of paranoia.

He let out a small cough to alert them to his presence. ‘Something good happen?’

Mrs. Fujimoto turned to face him, managing an uneasy smile. ‘Jun’s been accepted to work for Toshiba. He starts next week. Isn’t this great news?’

Rin side-eyed his brother. ‘Oh, I see. Well, congratulations then…I guess.’ It was a deadpan reaction to say the least. He turned to walk out of the room, but Junnosuke put a hand on his shoulder.

‘It doesn’t really sound like you want to congratulate me, Rin.’

Rin shot him a glare. ‘Yeah? Well maybe I’m sick of being the younger, dumber and apparently worthless brother. Nobody cares about me.’ Rin shrugged Junnosuke’s light grip from his shoulder and stormed into the kitchen. He opened the fridge, took out a container filled with last night’s leftover sukiyaki and shoved it into the microwave to reheat.

‘You’ll be successful, Rin. But only if you really want it,’ said Junnosuke, his cool composure unwavering. He mussed Rin’s hair and then headed back into the dining room to carry on celebrating with the rest of his family.

Mr Fujimoto entered the kitchen, ‘What are you doing eating that sukiyaki?’ he said, seeming surprised. ‘We’re going to be eating together soon. You’ll only ruin your appetite.’

‘I won’t be joining you, since you’re just a bunch of hypocrites,’ replied Rin halfheartedly, his eyes narrowed. He snatched the tub of steaming hot sukiyaki from the microwave and made for the stairs.

‘In that case you’ll be doing extra temple chores tomorrow,’ said Mr. Fujimoto. ‘And don’t even think about defying me. Understand?’

Rin turned to face his father and scowled. It was like he existed for nobody else but his parents, and yet the words spilled from his lips on autopilot.

‘Yes, Dad.’


The next morning, Rin was up at the crack of dawn to do his share of the chores. He’d been forced to wear the same sordid traditional kimono as his father had been wearing the previous evening, as well as a pair of geta sandals. It was the most appropriate attire for tending to the temple during the humid summer season, but Rin just wanted his shorts and sneakers; he felt like an idiot in these clothes. He frowned as he swept away a large pile of leaves from the entrance to the temple. His eyes remained tightly shut in some bittersweet medley of concentration and frustration.

The family’s neighbour, whose husband had passed away the previous year, walked by with her dog. ‘Good morning, Rin. Lovely weather isn’t it?’ she said, smiling politely and waving.

‘Yeah, morning’. Rin’s reply was casual, without a hint of politeness in his tone. Hardly in the mood for a conversation with someone who was just trying to be friendly, he tightened his grip on the broom he was holding and said nothing further. He simply glared at Mrs. Umie for longer than was appropriate and before long, she appeared to take the hint and jogged back into her own house, dog close in tow. Satisfied that he’d sorted the distraction, he closed his eyes again and continued to clear the path.

Rin’s mind soon became hazy beneath the blistering sunshine. At some point, he could hear the gentle pitter-patter of footsteps approaching. Suddenly, they stopped.

‘What exactly are you sweeping there?’

Rin was startled. This wasn’t a voice he’d ever heard before and he felt forced to open his eyes. First, he observed the ground, noticing that he had already cleared away all the leaves; there was absolutely nothing left, not even a speck of dirt. He had been sweeping up thin air. But for how long? Time had run away with itself. He lifted his gaze and made direct eye contact with the stranger. The man looked to be around twenty-five and had a head of shimmering jet black hair, defined facial features, and was at least a good six inches taller than Rin.

Confused by his presence, Rin knitted his brows like the defiant teenager he was.

‘Who’re you telling me what to sweep?’ His tone was brash and, again, he didn’t bother to use polite language.

The man chuckled quietly to himself. ‘Oh, excuse me, where are my manners? My name is Koushi Nagase, Reiki practitioner. I –’

‘Reiki practitioner?’ Rin exploded in a fit of semi-maniacal laughter. ‘What the hell does that mean?’

‘Well, it’s the Japanese art of transferring energy from one body to another. It also acts as a method of relaxation and inner healing’, explained Nagase, with something of a sense of pride in his voice. ‘I recently set up my new practice right over there,’ he said, pointing to a small, traditional-style building a few hundred yards from the Fujimoto temple. ‘You’re welcome to come over anytime for tea and snacks.’

‘Oh. So…’ Rin scoffed. ‘We’re best friends now or something?’

‘No, I wasn’t inferring that.’ Nagase said, furrowing his brows. ‘I’m new here and you know…just trying to make conversation. That’s all.’

‘Well, whatever. It’s not like I have any time for small talk right now. I’ve got enough chores to do as it is, without the likes of Reiki practitioners, or whoever, interrupting me.’’

Rin turned around to walk back into the temple, but felt a sharp tug at the bottom of his kimono. He turned to face the man again, saying nothing.

Nagase looked more serious now, and tugged a little harder at Rin’s kimono as he brought his face closer. It was as though he was going in for a sniff. But instead, he just stared right into Rin’s eyes.

‘Are you always this obnoxious, boy?’

‘Hey…’ Rin looked resentful for a moment. ‘I’m no child. I’ll be nineteen next week. Got that? Mind your own business.’ He snatched the edge of his kimono from Nagase’s grasp.

‘I hear you.’ Nagase grinned slyly from ear to ear. ‘But that doesn’t stop these features of yours being totally gorgeous.’ He took Rin’s chin in his large hand. ‘We should really do something about that stubborn personality of yours, though.’

Rin felt his cheeks burn a little at Nagase’s comment.

‘G-get your filthy hands off me!’ he roared.

‘Or what?’

There was no time to think. Rin slapped Nagase clean across the face, leaving behind a big, red mark. Decency didn’t even enter the picture in this situation. Strangers were strangers, and too close was too close. He threw his broom onto the ground and stormed away, his breath laboured and heavy. ‘What the hell was that all about?’

Nagase touched his fingertips to his left cheek, his smile now lop-sided and full of intent.


Mrs Fujimoto had just finished grabbing some groceries from the local 7-Eleven when she spotted an brightly-coloured advertisement in the window. Reiki Guru – I can ease your soul. 5,000 yen / session. Contact Koushi Nagase on 03-7865-8890.

‘Ease your…soul?’ Mrs Fujimoto read the words aloud. She cocked her head to one side, then opened the camera on her phone to snap a picture.

When she returned home, her husband was sat at the dinner table, reading his daily newspaper. Aside from the occasional rustling of pages, the house was utterly silent. She stashed the groceries into the appropriate cupboards and started preparing for dinner.

Then, eventually, she broke the silence.

‘I’ve found someone…’

Mr. Fujimoto glanced at her over the top of his paper and removed his glasses. ‘What?’

‘Someone who I think will be able to calm Rin’s mood swings,’ she said. ‘He’s a Reiki Guru. I saw his advert in 7-Eleven.’ She opened the photo on her phone showing the ad. ‘You might think I’m strange for considering this route but I’ve got a gut feeling about it.’

Mr Fujimoto blinked. ‘Do you really think we can afford this? 5,000 yen is a lot for a bunch of phoney energy-summoning nonsense.’ He paused. ‘Wait a second….’ he re-read the practitioner’s name. ‘Koushi…Nagase? Isn’t that the guy who just moved in a couple doors down.’ He laughed and slapped his knee. ‘I knew that name sounded familiar.’

‘Oh, you’re right!’ said Mrs. Fujimoto. ‘So, what do you think? Isn’t it worth a try? Maybe we can get Rin to do some housework at his place and he’ll give us a discount?’

‘Sounds like a long shot, but I’ll sleep on it,’ replied Mr. Fujimoto. ‘Let’s face it, anything that’ll get Rin out of these mood swings is worth a try.’


Rin awoke from his slumber at exactly six o’clock the following morning and made his way downstairs, wearing nothing but the oversized hoodie he’d been using as pyjamas for the past week. His arms looked extremely short under the abundance of fabric draped over them. He fished around in the fridge for something to eat and after knocking a few things out of the side shelf, settled for some half-fat milk, slurping it desperately straight from the carton.

Junnosuke poked his head around the door. ‘Oh, you’re awake?’ He was already washed, dressed and munching on a slice of thick-cut toast slathered with strawberry jam.

Rin swallowed the milk he was drinking and wiped his mouth on his hoodie sleeve. ‘Don’t act so surprised,’ he replied, rolling his eyes. ‘It’s only cause Dad’s got me working at the temple again today.’

‘Ah well, I’m sure you’ll have fun with that. Anyway, I’m late for my meeting with Teppei. We’re working out our budget for when we start working at Toshiba together.’ Teppei was Junnosuke’s best friend. He’d been there throughout middle school and high school, through thick and thin.

Junnosuke smiled and mussed Rin’s hair while sporting a cheeky grin, ‘See you later…Rin-chan.’

‘Hey, don’t call me that! I’m not a child,’ Rin spat back, sending lines of milk flying in all directions. Getting lumbered with the -chan suffix really pissed him off.

‘Ah, Rin you’re up. Good morning,’ said Mr. Fujimoto, entering the kitchen and putting on a pair of earrings.

‘Morning Dad.’ Rin shoved the milk carton back into the fridge. ‘Before you say anything, I know…I’ll get started on the chores once I’ve finished breakfast. Just spare me the lecture…please?’

‘Actually.’ Mr. Fujimoto’s tone was calm. ‘I don’t need any help today.’

Rin’s eyes widened and he flirted with the idea of smiling, for a few seconds. ‘Really? I’ll go get changed and head over to Ken’s hou-‘

‘No, no, no. There aren’t any temple chores, but I didn’t say you could see your friends.’

‘What?’ Rin scowled and let his head fall back. ‘Don’t be so unspecific about things.’

‘I’ve arranged an appointment for you.’

Rin already felt like he knew where this was headed. ‘Dad, you know I’ve had it with anger management classes. They’re doing nothing to make me feel any better. I thought we already agreed there’d be no more.’

‘It…isn’t exactly that kind of appointment-‘

‘Th-then you’re setting me up with a marriage partner?’ Rin raised an eyebrow. ‘How much more traditional can this family get?’

‘No-one is getting married, Rin. Just listen to me. God, you’re so impatient!’

Rin fell silent, and listened, genuinely curious as to what his father would say.

‘Your mother and I both want you attend classes with Mr. Nagase down the road.’

‘Oh?’ It took a good few moments for Rin to fully comprehend what was being suggested. ‘H-huh? You mean that idiotic Reiki practitioner?’ He grimaced as memories of the previous day’s exchange came rushing back. ‘No way am I going to that guy’s house!’

‘You don’t even know him.’

‘We’ve met!’ said Rin. ‘And that’s enough to tell me I don’t want to go!’

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ He lurched forward, grabbed Rin by the arm, and ushered him towards the staircase ‘Go wash your face and get changed, the appointment starts at seven thirty. Your mother and I are going to meet him too. As I said, you don’t know him yet. If it doesn’t work out, fine. But I’m not giving up on you, Rin.’

Once again, Rin surrendered to protect his father’s pride.


Seven-thirty rolled around and Rin stood at the door of Nagase’s practice, his parents standing perfectly equidistant either side of him. Mr. Fujimoto tentatively rang the bell, and Nagase answered almost immediately and offered a polite greeting. He was now wearing rectangular-shaped glasses which Rin thought aged him by a few years, made his eyes more noticeable and gave him a more professional air. He shot Rin a pitiful smile, one that wouldn’t go amiss had he spotted a lost puppy all alone in the rain. Just who was he trying to impress with that vibe?

Rin reluctantly followed his parents inside, sighing as he stepped over the threshold and into what could only be the gateway to hell. Nagase led them into a room and motioned for them to take a seat on the sofa before presenting a tray replete with rice cakes and green tea.

‘Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Koushi Nagase. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for more than five years. I just moved here after a rather acrimonious break-up, so I really felt like this was my chance to start afresh.’

‘I see.’ Mrs. Fujimoto nodded, taking in the new information. ‘Our names are Mariko and Saburo Fujimoto, and this is our youngest son, Rin. We’ve lived in the temple ever since I was pregnant with Rin. Before that, we lived in a tiny apartment in Odaiba. Of course, with another baby on the way, it was really inconvenient for us there. We just needed more space for the boys to grow up in.’ She gestured towards Mr. Fujimoto. ‘My husband works at the temple part-time, but he’s also a part-time accountant.’

Nagase offered a seasoned smile. ‘It’s nice to meet you.’ He directed his attention towards Rin. ‘How about you…young man?’

Those words sent shivers down Rin’s spine. Was Nagase seriously acknowledging him as an adult, or just trying to spite him? Rin stayed quiet, staring daggers into Nagase’s eyes. He was thoroughly unwilling to cooperate with this brute who clearly had some tricks up his sleeve.

‘Rin.’ Mrs. Fujimoto nudged him in the ribs. ‘Introduce yourself properly this time,’ she asserted, as quietly as possible seeming to want to avoid further embarrassment.

‘You know,..’ Nagase clasped his hands together in his lap. ‘I hope this doesn’t come across as too direct, but in my experience some clients feel better if the session is carried out on a one-to-one basis. Will you allow me to try, even though this is the first appointment? Naturally, I won’t charge you for my time on this occasion, since it was supposed to be a consultation only.’

Mr Fujimoto opened his mouth to interject, but his wife rested a hand on his knee. The couple looked at one another and then after a short time, nodded in agreement.

‘Yes, of course. We respect your opinion Mr. Nagase. Please treat Rin well,’ said Mrs Fujimoto. They stood up, leaving the snacks untouched and excused themselves. Mr Fujimoto gave Rin a single pat on the shoulder before the two of them departed. Rin didn’t acknowledge or speak to them as Nagase showed them out and thanked them for their time.

The door closed and Nagase and Rin were alone.

‘So.’ Nagase back down sat opposite Rin. ‘Does the room feel more comfortable now that your parents have gone…young man?’ His tone was nauseatingly seductive. Rin grimaced.

‘Don’t fucking “young man” me! Why do I even have to talk to you?’ asked Rin, folding his arms. ‘I don’t really understand why my parents sent me here, or what this Reiki crap is all about. I only came because it I figured it might be better than working at the temple all day. What I really want to do is go meet my friends in Akiba.’

‘Well…’ Nagase adjusted his glasses. ‘You really can’t complain about it if you have nothing better to do, and anyway, if you want to find out more about Reiki, I’ll gladly show you, that is, if you’re willing to gain that knowledge.’ He radiated a cool and confident glow that made Rin feel even more nauseous.

Rin laughed, his arms crossed over his chest in protective manner.‘Are you gonna show me your box of magic tricks or something?’

‘It’s not magic, per se. But I suppose might be considered a magician of sorts.’ Nagase smiled, ‘’After all, I can be a hopeless romantic.’

‘Who said anything about that? Just do the damn Reiki already.’

‘Fine. That’s why you’re here. And I really ought to work on that negative attitude too.’

Rin grunted.

‘Please.’ Nagase pointed to a bed in the corner of the room, which was laden with several pillows and a blanket. ‘Lie down. Make yourself comfortable.’

Rin sighed and ambled over to the bed, which he thought looked a bit too comfortable for what was essentially a therapy session. He lay on his side as if he were going to go to sleep.

‘This will only work if you face upwards,’ said Nagase.

Rin sighed again and flipped himself onto his back, folding his arms, ‘Is it okay now?’

‘That’s better. I’m going to dim the lights, so I want you to close your eyes. Try to relax, and put those arms down by your sides.’

Rin closed his eyes. ‘This had better be good.’ Truthfully, he was terrified and had no idea what to expect.

‘Let every part of your body sink deep into the mattress.’ Nagase’s voice had fallen a pitch lower. He placed his hands into a prayer stance and let them hover mere inches from Rin’s body for at least a minute before stretching his arms out just above Rin’s forehead. Then, he switched his focus from the head, to the neck, to the shoulders. And from the shoulders to the chest, to the stomach, to the-

Nagase stopped, eyes widening. He took a deep breath and sat down in his chair. ‘Alright, I’m finished,’ he said, crossing his legs and re-positioning his glasses onto the bridge of his nose.

Rin opened his eyes with a start and scoffed. ‘Was that it? I didn’t feel anything.’

‘That was just the scanning process. I use it to ascertain where the most energy is gathered inside you,’ said Nagase. ‘I usually have a pretty good sense about these things since I became a practitioner, but something is different about you. I think I’ll have to scan you again.’

Rin rolled his eyes. ‘Again? What didn’t you get the first time round?’ But Nagase’s cool and silent expression seemed to be pleading with him. He reluctantly obeyed and shut his eyes for a second time.

Nagase stood up and again and approached the bed. He repeated the scan, being sure to check each area of Rin’s body meticulously. Then, like the previous time, he stopped as he suspended his hands above Rin’s crotch. ‘There’s definitely something there.’

‘What do you mean “something”?’ Rin was irritated by the lack of information.

‘Nothing.’ Nagase bit his lip. ‘Aren’t you…feeling hot?’ he asked.

‘A-am I supposed to be?’

Nagase bit his thumb. ‘Maybe it’s still too early.’

‘For what?’ Rin scowled. ‘Just tell me already!’

‘Hmm. Let me try transferring some of my energy to you,’ suggested Nagase.

‘Uh, okay.’ Rin nodded. He didn’t know what this Reiki business was all about, but strangely he was starting to feel relaxed for the first time. It made no sense. He was so irritable, and yet it was like the worries and stubbornness were slowly melting through the cracks and leaking out.

Nagase placed his hands onto Rin’s heart area which caused him to flinch. Then, he moved carefully along Rin’s body, and pushed his latent energy to the affected area.

Then it hit him. Rin felt a sudden rush of heat surge through his body. Gradually, the warmth gathered inside him like a fire re-kindling itself after it was extinguished. A soft murmur escaped his lips. His facial expression even changed. It was clear he was in a state of deep relaxation. All the tension faded away in an instant.

‘Hey, I..I’m starting to feel kind of…’


‘N-not exactly. It’s more like um…’

‘How is it?’

‘This is pretty embarrassing, actually but I’m…’

‘You can tell me, Rin.’

‘I-I’m really turned on.’

‘That’s a good sign.’ Nagase laughed. ‘I mean you’re so crammed full of sexual energy, It’s no wonder you’re so grouchy.’

Rin opened his eyes and sat up with a start, ‘What the hell are you talking about? I get plenty of action. My grades might be shit but I’m plenty popular with the girls!’ He stopped as realised that Nagase’s hovering hands had made contact with his trousers. He felt Nagase’s slender fingers brush against his crotch, and quickly turned away to hide his flushed face.

Nagase coughed and re-composed himself. ‘You know, that kind of reaction is perfectly normal for someone with such an intense level of sexual frustration. But don’t worry, in my experience, there’s always a simple solution for these things.’

‘Huh?’ Rin was even angrier now, ‘I told you, I’m not sexually frustrated. Honestly, why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me?’

‘There is no denying it.’ Nagase placed his hand directly onto Rin’s crotch, pressing down and gripped his semi-hard arousal with his fingers. ‘You’re hard as anything.’

‘That’s-’ Rin began. ‘I was just thinking about-‘

‘Thinking about…?’

Rin’s mind was a confused mess. What was he thinking about to wind up so turned on? His brain couldn’t keep up with his mouth, and the words simply slipped out involuntarily. ‘The sound of your voice.’

‘Oh?’ Nagase leaned in to whisper in Rin’s ear. ‘You like the way I speak, huh?’

Rin’s body was feverish and his erection was more stubborn than this attitude. ‘N-no. I hate it.’

‘Then maybe you’d like the feel of my fingers instead.’ Nagase chuckled to himself. ‘I can relieve you and make you feel a whole lot better.’

‘Mmm-hmm.’ Rin let out a soft whimper as Nagase slowly traced the outline of his cock through his trousers, creating a gentle friction. This only encouraged the heat to build and spread even further.

‘Your body needs this.’ insisted Nagase. ‘Let me help you out.’

Rin felt ridiculously good. He was unable to fight against the pleasure of being touched by this stranger.

‘Don’t deny yourself carnal pleasure Rin. It’s really not healthy to keep it all locked up. Frustration and dissatisfaction stems from our inability to express ourselves sexually. That’s the way it’s always been. From the dawn of time.’

‘Th-that’s impossible!’ Rin squirmed. ‘I’m not pent up. I’m not-‘

‘Nothing is impossible,’ said Nagase. ‘Now, what does your body want me to do next, I wonder?’

‘Please…’ Rin’s expression was a picture.

Nagase tightened his grip on Rin’s cock and leaned back in towards Rin’s ear to breathe more seductive words with that honeyed voice of his. ‘How can you beg me to stop when you’re already this hard?’ It was a rhetorical question, of course. He gripped even harder and Rin could feel the thick flow of blood pulsating through his veins. ‘It’s time to let the snake out of its cage.’

‘Take it out…’ said Rin, trying to catch his breath. ‘Touch me.’

He shuffled Rin’s trousers down a couple inches, revealing a faint dusting of light brown pubic hair. He smirked. ‘I take back what I said. Looks like you’ve already matured quite a bit…at least down there.’ He tugged gently at Rin’s commendable tufts of pubic hair, taking in the ecstatic expression plastered all over his cute, boyish face as his hazel locks stuck to his forehead with sweat.

‘Fuck. Now you’re making me hard just because you’re letting me take care of you.’

Nagase pulled Rin’s trousers down further to reveal his fully erect cock. It was an adorable thing, measuring a solid six-and-a-half inches, and obediently bobbed from side-to-side as he shed the trousers completely. A line of pre-cum had formed on Rin’s tip. Nagase crouched down and closed his eyes as he ran his tongue over Rin’s slit, taking in the tangy flavour as it mixed with his own saliva.

‘You taste delicious, I can’t wait to eat you up, Rin-chan.’

Rin pulled a disgusted expression at the use of this pet name. After all, that was what his brother called him. He watched in awe as his privates were blissfully caressed by Nagase. His body craved more and the heat moved up into the pit of his stomach.

‘I promise this will make you feel good,’ Nagase assured him. ‘You’ll forget all about the fact you’re showing your cute naked body to someone you barely know.’ With that, he engulfed Rin’s cock, taking it right to the hilt. He made sure to hit all the most sensitive spots as his saliva thoroughly coated Rin’s shaft. With each passing second, his movements became more and more intense.

Rin felt his body throb with every new sensation. Just the feeling of Nagase’s tongue consistently lapping over the thin lines of pre-cum caused him to arch his back, stuff the corner of a pillow into his mouth, and let out a muffled cry. Tears had inadvertently formed at the corners of his eyes as they glistened.

‘Nagase…please…I-I’m going to-‘

Nagase stopped and unlatched from Rin’s ready-to-burst cock. He spat into his hand and positioned it firmly around Rin’s shaft to jerk him off in long, hard strokes.


Nagase pumped with more vigour at Rin’s needy erection. But it wasn’t enough. Rin knew his preferred stroking pattern and he didn’t have time to explain, so he batted Nagase’s hand away and began to pleasure himself instead.

This didn’t throw Nagase off. He grew harder as he watched the enticing scenario unfold. He swiftly unzipped his trousers and let them drop to the floor along with his boxers.

‘I really want to fuck you, Rin-chan,’ said Nagase. Rin opened his eyes to see Nagase’s thick member standing to attention.

Rin’s mouth hung agape with envy. ‘It’s huge!’ Laying eyes on Nagase’s arousal only made him more determined to reach his climax.

Nagase opened a nearby drawer, produced a bottle of lube and coated his hands with it before slicking himself up.

‘Rin, Do you want this?’

Rin nodded. ‘But is it even going to fit? I mean…’

‘Trust me, it’ll fit just fine,’ said Nagase. ‘Now get on all fours.’

Rin did as instructed. Then, Nagase slipped his own trousers off, threw them onto the floor and clambered onto the bed behind Rin. He gave Rin’s butt a soft slap and the purt flesh gave a satisfying wobble beneath his fingers. He massaged both cheeks with expert precision before pulling them apart to locate Rin’s anus.

‘Mmm. Can I eat your ass?’

‘Are you sure you want to? I mean, it’s…ah!’

Nagase allayed Rin’s fears in an instant as he lapped at the rim with small flicks of his tongue. Rin’s reflexes went into overdrive, from even the slightest bit of stimulation.

‘What are you-?’

Rin was interrupted by a harder prodding sensation at his entrance.


Nagase entered Rin. ‘Don’t move around so much, and try to relax.’

After a few more shunts, Nagase was fully inside and Rin felt like the heat was getting too much to bear. ‘You feel so…hot.’ He managed between gasps.

‘Na-Nagase. This time I’m definitely gonna-‘

Rin tried to warn him, but it was too late. Nagase had already filled him to the brim. His juices flowed out onto the bed like hot, dripping honey. Rin cried out as he also came, sweat dripping profusely over his exhausted face. Nagase withdrew slowly, leaving a trail of semen trickling down the backs of Rin’s legs.

‘There’s so much.’ He scooped up some of the thick deposit Rin had unleashed, and brought it to his mouth to sample it. ‘You were really full, weren’t you?’ said Nagase.

Rin struggled to catch his breath, his expression growing angry, ‘I-it’s not like I don’t get any…’

‘I never said that.,’ said Nagase. ‘But unfortunately, our bodies always know the truth and you were simply bursting with that sexual energy, even yesterday when I met you outside the temple. That’s why I told your parents to leave this morning. Because I wanted to get every last drop out of you.’

‘But…’ Tears formed at the corners of Rin’s eyes. ‘How did you know?’

‘Intuition.’ Nagase tapped a couple of fingers on his temples. ‘It’s a powerful tool I use every day during sessions. Sometimes there’s an abundance of energy radiating from certain people. That’s when I realise they need more help then others to get what they need. You’re the first to have such an excessive amount inside of you. There was something about your eyes that turned me on yesterday, but I couldn’t show it in front of the neighbours.’ Nagase took Rin’s chin with his sticky hand and smiled. ‘It seems like your body really needed that.’

After some hesitation, Rin nodded, the tears now streaming down his face.

‘Come on.’ Nagase stroke Rin’s hair, ‘There’s no need for those tears; a capable young man like you shouldn’t constantly feel suppressed by the expectations of others. If you learn to stop looking only at your failures, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on life and you’ll be able to gain true freedom.’

Rin was surprised. Nagase had hit the nail on the head. It had always felt like he was trapped because his parents had wanted him to do well at school and eventually follow Junnosuke in attending Keio University and graduating with the best.

‘Thank you,’ he said, clinging to Nagase’s sweaty shirt and resting his head against the older man’s chest. Nagase put an arm around Rin’s shoulder and pulled him in closer. They shared each other’s warmth and rested in the afterglow of the morning.

Nagase smiled as Rin closed his eyes and tightened his grasp on his shirt. ‘So, how do you feel about Reiki sessions? Think you can give them a chance?’

Rin smiled, ‘Yes.’ There were still other issues that Rin needed to address, but he was content in his post-sexual slumber. ‘I think I can manage that.’

‘In that case,’ said Nagase. ‘I’ll inform your parents that we made good progress today and recommend you for further sessions.’

‘Next time, can I…fuck you?’

Nagase laughed. ‘One thing at a time, okay?’









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