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(No Need To) Fight the Anxiety

I'm sitting here, feeling inexplicably anxious about things. Those 'things', on the surface, seem hunky dory. We've just eaten a roast dinner, with a delicious gravy, mixed expertly by the gravy maestro himself (what can I say, it's his forte). The laundry is all done (quite literally all the clothes we both own). We've also… Continue reading (No Need To) Fight the Anxiety

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REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation

A short story inspired by my recent interest in the importance of getting a good night's sleep. This is totally fictitious, just in case it wasn't obvious enough but if you're interested in this topic, I highly recommend checking out Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.     REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation Darkness has laid its… Continue reading REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation

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Reverse Cinderella: Holding Back

It's Mental Health Awareness Week, so I wanted to deviate from the usual content on here and post something a little more personal. Feel free to let me know about things you deal with and how you manage them. I'm all ears.   Have you ever had that feeling that you're just like Cinderella? And… Continue reading Reverse Cinderella: Holding Back