Freshly Shaven / Braless

Keeping pubic hair as it was intended has never been an issue to me, neither practically nor aesthetically speaking. In fact, I’m all for rocking a natural look—no matter who it is we’re talking about.

Still, there’s something about having a good shave down there. It just feels so damn good—at least when I don’t accidentally nick the skin.

Since I prefer to wear trousers the vast majority of the time, when I shave I don’t do it to achieve a seamless look and, frankly, I’d gladly go out in a pair of shorts or a dress without even bothering with it. Forget beauty ideals (although I’m pretty sure people don’t care as much about armpit hair on women as they used to). Nope—I shave purely for the comfort it brings, that sense of freedom and what can I say…horniness.

For one thing, when I’m freshly shaven I can really feel my clit. I’m fully aware of its presence, which makes it that much easier to tinker with. I also notice I get aroused quicker just thinking about how easy it is to reach down, run my finger along my wet cunt, and then pinch at that little bud repeatedly as it throbs under my touch. Being able to sense subtle changes in temperature and the rustle of underwear as it glides effortlessly against my skin is always a pleasurable thing too. Lube also just slides over so nicely, and it’s even better for feeling his dick entering me, those sweet balls slapping in time with deep, hard simmering thrusts.


And then there’s bras.

With the exception of when I’m in pajamas, a swimsuit, or completely naked, I choose to wear a bra most of the time because it’s just simply more comfortable for walking around in. I mean, that’s what they were designed for. At 36B, my breasts aren’t exactly what you might call ‘huge’, but there’s certainly enough of a wobble that it hurts to go without one for more than a day. So when I don’t wear a bra, I always make sure to do it at times when I don’t have plans to go out, when I’m just sitting around at home. I also get (lightly) paranoid about how my nipples stick out, too, so it would be extremely noticeable if I were to venture out with a tight-fitting top on. So I prefer to do this in the comfort of my own space. I might be writing something or maybe even watching a show on Netflix, or…working. Whatever it is, as long as it doesn’t involve jumping around or vigorous exercise, I’m comfortable going bra-free for at least a few hours every now and again.

Recently, I’ve really got into putting on sports bras as a daily habit. Initially I’d bought them solely for use at the gym, but after a while I realised it doesn’t matter if I’m not physically participating in exercise, they’re still great for everyday wear. Plus, I hate the feeling of underwired bras in any case. Ultimately, going bra-free really brings with it a sense of relaxation and freedom. I get why they’re helpful for overall boob control, but not wearing one makes me even fucking hornier. The trick here I think is to also wear a top that is made with a material that lends itself well to nipple stimulation. Nothing scratchy or pain-inducing, but rather something soft and subtle that gently rubs against them in just the right way. If that sensation doesn’t happen automatically, there’s always massaging the breasts through the top, firmly and thoroughly 🙂

Thinking about it, and this is actually surprising to me, I’ve never gone entirely commando while out and about. That’s something I would definitely like to try in the near future. I imagine that would be even more freeing, especially if I’ve just shaved my pussy and legs, and I’ve chosen not to wear a bra.


One thought on “Freshly Shaven / Braless

  1. I wish we could see some pics of what it looks like when you don’t wear a bra. It isn’t nudes after all 🙂


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