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Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

So I bought the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation pretty quickly after being recommended it. Do I regret my impulsivity? Definitely not on this occasion.

After purchasing the Bondara Sexpress some time ago, and being disappointed with its suction capabilities, I was looking for something that could up the clit stim game, and hooo boy, this baby is a gem in that regard. To its credit, the Bondara Sexpress was strong in terms of its truly heavyweight vibrations that can make one’s entire body tremble, but the clit suction feature was really just an extra addition and did practically nothing in terms of stimulation, just a tickle.

This isn’t the case with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. Put it this way, it has 11 intensity levels, and the lowest one is the extent of the sunction on the Bondara Sexpress. Before testing it out, I switched my way through the intensity settings and from that moment I knew it could only get better!

First off, the design is really sleek, making it easy to handle and position. The suction head is encased in silicone so it feels soft and smooth when in use. I really can’t fault the design at all. I believe this is an update to the original Satisfyer Pro and I don’t have a direct method of comparison between them, but Pro 2 is really something.

My personal preference was the highest intensity level. The amount of suction means it latches onto the clit absolutely perfectly. This morning’s experience was that it feels a lot better when latching and then moving it around in circles or up and down instead of keeping it static.

All I’m going to say is that the towels we put down got very wet. I came pretty fucking quickly. Despite having a major headache this morning, my curiosity got the better of me and we got a session in with this before breakfast. I was gripping the sofa and my husband’s arm for the majority of it, silently hoping the neighbour wasn’t awake yet (our apartment block has fairly thin walls…eek). But it was more than good, and I look forward to using this solo and during foreplay many times in the future. Damn, does it make the clit sensitive afterwards!

So highly recommended for people with clits. Trust me, it’s well worth it. Also, the silicone head has a wide enough aperture to cater for various shapes and sizes.

I also managed to get this at a reasonably lower price of £25.99 via Amazon. It retails for around £35 normally. Overall, really good value for money and I guarantee you could pretend it’s a facial massager if you happened to accidentally leave it out on the side when family come to visit.

*update* after a few uses, I’ve come realise that there’s a ‘magic’ length of time to use the Satisfyer Pro 2. I discovered this by accident, but after keeping it on and around the clit for at least 20 minutes, at some point it becomes extremely sensitive. More so than it had been. It’s actually like a sudden jolt of pure electricity. Seriously, the first time it happened I really didn’t know what hit me. It was fucking ridiculous! It just happened again today, and it’s so very blissful.

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