Suits & Sensuality

Suits—those restrictive and stuffy reminders of authoritarianism. A disguise designed to present a sense of decorum, of superiority and professionalism. I utterly despise what they stand for, and yet I find myself curiously attracted to men in suits. For years, I've admired menswear departments for their arrays of shirts, ties, jackets, trousers...belts. There's something so… Continue reading Suits & Sensuality

Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Power Flower

Having purchased the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clit vibrator, which is by all accounts a personal favourite of mine from my existing collection, I wanted to see what else the brand had to offer, without opting for the same type of toy. Ok, this is also a clit stimulator, but it's still different enough… Continue reading Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Power Flower