Gay fiction

Fuck Me While I’m Fresh: Chapter 2

This is the second part of Fuck Me While I’m Fresh, a continuation of Chapter One of the story, which you can read here

Come here,” Rico beckoned Andy closer, sporting a small grin. “I’ll show you exactly what my process is like. You really don’t have to look so worried about things.”

Andy let out a sigh. “Alright, if you say so.” He inched closer to Rico, leaning an elbow casually on the steel countertop. He was intent on observing every little detail.

Rico reached up to grab a thick wooden chopping board, briefly washed it over under the tap, and then slapped it down on the side. Andy jumped a little from the vibration it made. Then, Rico drew a large knife from his magnetic utensil rack, and checked it over, running his index finger carefully along its sharp edge. As he made these preparations, he narrowed his eyes at Andy, the visible corner of his mouth turning upward. Andy felt a light chill shimmer through his spine. Something about the way Rico’s confidence came across was unnerving to him. It certainly made sense that he would be checking the knife’s efficiency before using it—there was no denying the simple logic behind that.

But that smirk? It was weird.

Rico placed the knife down onto the board. “Can you grab me the ham from the fridge? It’s on the top shelf.”

“Sure.” Andy turned and took a couple steps towards the fridge. As if on instinct, rather than opening the door right away, he touched the palm of his hand to the steel. Its surface was so cool and reflective that he found himself getting lost for a moment.

A thought flashed into his mind, uninvited—he visualised being thrown against the fridge and getting fucked mercilessly by Rico, slathers of meat sauce inside his asshole as lube. He balked as he became acutely conscious of these thoughts, his cheeks quickly growing warm. But it felt like his hand was inseparably glued to the fridge.

Why the sudden fantasy? Why now?

Rico had already started preparing the garnish. “Did you find it?” He stopped what he was doing and looked over. “Andy?”

“Y-yes, sorry. I was…spacing out.” He let his fingers retract and took the handle, yanking the door open. It was a little tough since there was a kind of vacuum seal keeping it airtight, but it made a satisfying whoosh as it came unstuck and a cool blast emerged.

“Already? We’ve barely even started. I’m not boring you, am I?”

“No. Not at all.” Andy took the ham from the fridge and placed it down carefully on the countertop beside the chopping board. “Here you go.”

Rico patted the wad of ham with the palm of his hand and smiled. “Look at this beauty, taken right from the ass of a prize-winning pig reared on my friend’s farm.”

“Keeping it local, huh?”

“Always, and what’s important is that they treat those animals right, you know? They have such an honourable life.”

“Okay.” Andy scratched his forehead. “If you say so.”

“I do.” Rico cleared his throat. “Anyway, what were you so wrapped up in thinking about just now?”

“O-oh, nothing.” Andy felt that initial bead of sweat trickle along his cheek.

Rico chuckled. “Somehow I find that incredibly hard to believe. Your face is much redder than when you arrived and I haven’t even switched the oven on yet.”

“Why would I lie?” Andy felt his heartbeat quicken which did very little to dissipate the blush or sweat. “After all, I’m only here to assess the food.”

He walked to the kitchen door and pulled the bolt across to lock it. “Are you?”


Rico approached Andy, towering over him as he brought his face in closer. “Wouldn’t you prefer to deviate from the task you’ve been assigned?” His mouth curled into a wicked smirk.

“No, I really do need to go back to the office with something solid to write about. I’m not here to mess around doing…whatever it is you have in mind.” Deep down, Andy knew what he meant, but wasn’t about to sacrifice his professional duties without anything to show for it.

“I’m getting the sense that’s what you really want.” Rico took Andy by the chin, narrowing his eyes. He cocked his head to one side. He slowly shifted his bulky and calloused fingers to capture Andy’s throat, applying a gentle pressure that caused his pulse to throb. “Look at that cute, flustered expression.”

Andy was paralysed, but not with fear, and he quickly realised he had no desire to resist the inevitable. His body temperature was rising. Some part of him was demanding Rico’s touch.

“Tell me. How much do you want it?”

Andy employed a fair degree of force to unclasp Rico’s mature hands from this throat and guide the left one down towards his hips. Rico ran a finger along the inside rim of Andy’s trousers, running his thumb over the leather belt buckle that secured them. The mere proximity of Rico’s fingers was more than enough to cause Andy’s cock to swell beneath the delicate material. It was too obvious.

“This much.”

The smirk on Rico’s face only grew wider. He slid his hand into the gap between Andy’s legs, grabbed his ass, raking his nails over each of his plentiful buns in equal measure. He traced the seam of Andy’s trousers from back to front, being sure to press on the perineal nerve.

Letting out a small whimper, Andy could feel his anal muscles tightening amid the stimulation. His balls flinched and veins thickened as his cock pushed firmly against the inside of his briefs. Rico grabbed a handful of that throbbing, aching cock, causing Andy to inhale sharply and arch his back inward.

“My god, you’re so pent up.” Rico slammed him with confidence against the fridge.

Andy shuddered as his back made contact with the hard steel surface. It was exactly like his fantasy, almost as if Rico instinctively knew what he’d been imagining doing in that kitchen.

Or perhaps he was simply that easy to read.

Rico fiddled with Andy’s belt and unbuckled it, whipping the thing clean from its loops. Next, he took the belt, folded it in a figure of eight and tensed it tightly in his grip. Andy noticed the way the veins and tendons on Rico’s wrists seemed to bulge to the surface, his arms rippling slightly. Arousal momentarily turned to fear as Rico raised the belt and held it in the air, shooting Andy a look that spelled ‘contempt’.

Smirk creeping back on his face, Rico lowered the belt slowly and brushed one of the looped sides carefully along the underside of Andy’s erect, concealed cock. It was a light, gentle motion, yet enough to send shivers up Andy’s spine. There was a faint tingling in his neck and the tiny hairs pricked up on end.

“Take off my trousers.” Hot and bothered, Andy made the sudden request. He was overly anticipating how Rico’s huge fingers would grip and stroke his bare skin.

“Hmm. Well, since you seem so eager to get on with things…” Rico positioned his hands either side of Andy’s trousers and yanked them down in a swift, seemingly practiced movement until they were crumpled around his ankles. “There ya’ go.”

Suffice to say, Andy had not chosen to wear his lucky briefs that day. But then again, who needed lucky briefs when they were going to come off anyway? The material was barely holding his balls in place. Andy glanced down at himself, shirt now messily untucked and creased, with his hair-laden legs on full display.

Andy lifted the bottom of his shirt to reveal a thin line of chest hair spanning the length of his torso and connecting with his pelvic region. Dark wisps of pubic hair curled around the top of those briefs, as if intent on teasing Rico mercilessly by simply existing, the tip of his cock rearing itself from beneath.

Rico leaned in and took a fistful of Andy’s shirt, relieving his need to continue holding it. He lapped at the dense trail of pubic hair, all the way from the top to the rim of his briefs. He swirled his tongue around the mass, closing his eyes as he did. Andy saw how Rico’s nostrils flared, taking in the musky scent. It wasn’t like he hadn’t showered that day, but it was the raw pheromones; some were naturally just more sensitive to that smell than others.


Andy experienced a fresh sensation as Rico flitted his tongue over his glans, bringing forth a thin bubble of pre-cum that trickled out and left behind a damp patch. Rico slipped his hands into the back of the briefs and massaged Andy’s plump ass in firm circles. The strength in his fingers was immense, and it only served to make Andy harder and wetter. Rico shimmied the briefs over Andy’s ass, his lean furry thighs, and down to his feet. His cock was finally free.

“Damn, that’s a seriously nice package you got there,” said Rico. “I just want to savour you. Such a rare delicacy.”

“Then why don’t you do exactly that?” Now Rico was on his knees like a beggar, eyes glazed over with lust. Andy reached out to stroke Rico’s jet black hair but instead ended up grabbing a handful and pulling at it a little. “Slather my asshole with sauce.” The words poured from his mouth like slutty verbal diarrhoea.

“You certainly know what you want.” Rico laughed and looked up at Andy, probing his slender cock with his fingers. “Any special requests for the sauce?”

“Surprise me.”

“Oh, now you’re asking for it.” As Rico went to stand up, he teased Andy’s balls with a salacious lick, then caressed his hips as he inched his way back up Andy’s torso. When he arrived at face height he pressed his nose to Andy’s. “Habanero XXL it is!”

“Habanero?” Andy grabbed Rico’s arm. The panic on his face was palpable. “No wait, I-”

“Relax.” Rico snickered. “I would never do that, to you or anyone.”

Andy exhaled sharply. “For god’s sake, even the thought made me flinch. What else do you have?”

“You told me to surprise you, and I fully intend to honour that request.” Rico took a roll of black ribbon from the shelf, cut a length off, and then leaned in, wrapping it tightly around Andy’s head. “Who’s in control now, huh?”

“Hey, I can’t see a thing. How am I supposed to know what you’re using?”

“You know I can’t disclose that information.” He closed in on Andy’s ear. A light-hearted sense of menace was evident in Rico’s voice. The sound of Rico’s footsteps receded; he had left the main preparation area.

Despite being in the presence of he man for less than half an hour, Andy felt sure he wouldn’t try anything too weird. Yet a series of nagging suppositions still plagued his mind. What if he was allergic to nuts and he went and spread peanut butter all over him? As it happened, he didn’t have any allergies, but Rico couldn’t know that.

Still, he wanted Rico to pay attention to his cock. He was left hanging, in suspense. Stimulation, of any kind, would be most welcome at that point.

Andy waited. Mere seconds seemed like hours, until finally he understood that Rico was shuffling back towards him, the pitter-patter of his shoes betraying his secrecy.

“Alright, I’m back with your sauce. Are you ready?”

Andy nodded. “Let me have it.”

A suspenseful moment hung in the air. Andy took a deep breath. A warm, viscous liquid poured onto his cock from above. He flinched as it hit. At first, it was difficult to fathom precisely what it was, but the stuff felt so silky on his skin as it seeped over the bulging veins. And the smell? That was incredible; creamy, milky, a waft of vanilla, and with something like a hint of nutmeg coming through.

“Is that…custard?”

“Sure is,” said Rico. “How does it feel?”

“I’m in love with the way it’s just dripping right off me. You’ve really nailed the aroma.”

“It’s my own twist on a recipe I learned at the Academy.”

“I see,” said Andy. “You know what I’d like even more than just having it poured onto me?”

“Some apple pie?”

Andy shook his head. “Close, but no. I want it right up inside my asshole.”

“Is that the thought that got you so flustered earlier?”

“How did you guess?”

“I didn’t. You just told me.”

“Shit. Well, now I’m really going to need it…and soon.”

“A little patience never hurt now, did it?”

“I am patient, but I’m also fucking horny.” A small amount of pre-cum leaked from Andy’s glans, several translucent blobs falling to their fate amid a sea of custard. His shirt was soaking up remnants, combined with sweat from his chest. “I can’t exactly contain my lust for the sake of waiting.”

“Fine.” Rico tore the ribbon from Andy’s head and threw it onto the counter behind him. “Turn around and put your palms flat on the door. Show me that ass.”

Andy followed Rico’s instruction and stuck his ass up in the air, curving his back inward to accommodate the action. This was also what he wanted after all.

To be continued…

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