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Sex Toy Review: Satisfyer Power Flower

Having purchased the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clit vibrator, which is by all accounts a personal favourite of mine from my existing collection, I wanted to see what else the brand had to offer, without opting for the same type of toy. Ok, this is also a clit stimulator, but it’s still different enough from the Pro 2.

The design of the Power Flower is certainly satisfying—resembling some kind of floral squid with little bulky silicon tentacles—and it does deliver a nice sensation. Depending on the shape of the user’s vulva, how much coverage the clit has, and how intense they like vibrations to be, I think the Power Flower will have varying results. So far I have not managed to orgasm from using it, largely because it I’m still experimenting with getting the right angle, pressure and speed.

With eleven different vibration patterns and three flaps that oscillate wildly together, the Power Flower leaves behind a very pleasant tingle. Not to mention the design is also very aesthetically pleasing. It has a soft feel and appears to have been very carefully put together. There’s no chance of it coming apart as the main body is fixed together well.

What I have found, in my limited experience, is that Power Flower makes a great precursor to the Satisfyer Pro 2, which I can then use to finish (unless I’ve drained the battery, which…can certainly happen). So yes, I’m still searching for that orgasm with the Power Flower, but you know what? Maybe it’s okay without resulting in one. After all, orgasms aren’t necessarily a requirement.

It’s sensual enough to be worthwhile buying, and feels great to hold. The loop at the end of the toy makes using it as easy as holding a mug of tea or coffee. As with other Satisfyer products, this toy is also waterproof so can be used for tantalising times in the bath, shower, or swimming pool if the user so desires.

One thing worth mentioning about Satisfyer in general is that their charging cords are interchangeable, so it’s possible to use them to refuel any of the other toys. They each have a simple magnetic attachment with a USB plug at the other end – so no swapping out batteries (which, let’s face it can be a pain), and always a handy way to charge!

Overall, a solid purchase and highly recommend.

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