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REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation

A short story inspired by my recent interest in the importance of getting a good night's sleep. This is totally fictitious, just in case it wasn't obvious enough but if you're interested in this topic, I highly recommend checking out Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.     REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation Darkness has laid its… Continue reading REM: Rapid Eye Masturbation

Female perspective · solo play

Wanking Away the Lunchtime Banality

Some days, an unforeseen wave of lust just...hits me. It's then I just know I've got to give into the temptation of a good, solid wank. Slap bang in the middle of the work day. Whenever the fuck that is. And I don't even try to resist. In those fleeting moments of horniness, I'm glad… Continue reading Wanking Away the Lunchtime Banality

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Programmed For Your Pleasure [VR Porn]

Foreword: VR Porn was suggested as a theme for a post, and then my husband gave me an idea about how to potentially frame it, so this one was born from a combination of those things, and the general attraction of taking more of a sci-fi approach.   Programmed For Your Pleasure It's so dingy in… Continue reading Programmed For Your Pleasure [VR Porn]

Female perspective · solo play

Blindfolded & Brimming with Desire

Foreword: This is a solo play piece loosely (actually completely) based on something that I indulged in this morning after a short workout at the gym. I was comfortably drawn to the idea of boosting those endorphin levels just a little more 😉 Allow me, dear readers, to share this experience with you - unabashedly.… Continue reading Blindfolded & Brimming with Desire

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Foreword: A flash fic based on a recent observation of one of the guests at my co-worker's wedding at a swanky hotel. Only half of this story is true, at least from my perspective. I'll let you guess which half. Also, it's a lighthearted jab at my personal voyeurism kink. I wouldn't go this far though 🙂  Bar-stard I wait in line, patiently.… Continue reading Bar-stard