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(No Need To) Fight the Anxiety

I'm sitting here, feeling inexplicably anxious about things. Those 'things', on the surface, seem hunky dory. We've just eaten a roast dinner, with a delicious gravy, mixed expertly by the gravy maestro himself (what can I say, it's his forte). The laundry is all done (quite literally all the clothes we both own). We've also… Continue reading (No Need To) Fight the Anxiety


Heinrich and The Accidental Invention of Vitamin D(ick)

Something's missing and I can't put my finger on it; a piece of the puzzle has been misplaced somewhere, existing in a time and space far away from here. So far that it's nearly impossible to see it with the naked eye. I often think to myself, can everything really be complete? Is anything actually… Continue reading Heinrich and The Accidental Invention of Vitamin D(ick)

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Kirei Reiki (Beautiful Aura)

This is something I wrote ages ago in 2011, when I was meant to be working on my University dissertation. This is by no means favourite story, but I finally got around to editing it and cutting it down massively after all this time. Figured I'd put it out there, regardless of the cheese factor. This was… Continue reading Kirei Reiki (Beautiful Aura)

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Porn Review: The Intern (Erika Lust productions)

This is the first porn review I'm writing here on the blog. I wanted to cover this film because I really respect the work Erika Lust is doing to create porn that is explicitly consensual, natural and respectful while still retaining that ultimate erotic edge that we crave. I highly recommend her films, particularly the… Continue reading Porn Review: The Intern (Erika Lust productions)


Typewriter Erotica — This, That, and The Other

“Would you like to see my collection of antique typewriters?” Carl asked the woman sitting next to him at the bar. She smiled at him, giving her head a toss, her long, thick, reddish-brown tresses swirling, “Sure,” she said. “I’ve always fancied antique typewriters. My name is Rachel.” “Hi, Rachel, I’m Carl.” He got the […]… Continue reading Typewriter Erotica — This, That, and The Other