A Neighbourly Hand

Foreword: Nothing much to say about this one. Since I like to alternate between gay and straight, and I wrote a gay one last time, it was time for a straight fic. My husband gave me the keyword "shambolic" today, but what the hell was I meant to do with that? So I just decided to run... Continue Reading →

Banana Milkshake

Foreword: This is another piece of m/m gay flash fiction (which I finally finished after starting and returning to several times this week) is based on the keyword "banana". Again, no context for this. It's all just exactly what my imagination decided to conjure up.   Banana Milkshake It's two-thirty a.m. and the glare from the... Continue Reading →

Six Layers of Chocolate

Foreword: A straight flash fic from a female perspective. I have admit, the concept of the chocolate variations does smack of Fifty Shades *pukes* - unintentionally - but I just had this idea and rolled with it. Feel free to let me know your honest thoughts on this, or anything else I write here.  ... Continue Reading →

Glory Hole

Foreword: I've been pretty lazy about writing anything at all over this past week. That's mainly because I've been distracted with various other things, and we ended up going out in the evenings quite a bit. So, without further ado, this is a story inspired by the key phrase 'glory holes'.     Glory Holes... Continue Reading →

Use Your Imagination

Foreword: This is a more dystopian sci-fi flash fiction, in which the idea of sex has been cleansed from the minds of humans. That is, until hacker Dylan Kaczynski discovers the truth and plots revenge on those who have enforced it. Admittedly, I was going to use this as my idea for NaNoWriMo - hence... Continue Reading →


Foreword: Hardback is a flash fic, half written by myself and half by D.H.Lawrence (by default). Two strangers bond over a mutual fondness of books. I know, technically, this story is told from multiple perspectives. I try and avoid head-hopping usually. But in this case, I wanted to switch between the two characters on purpose.   “We... Continue Reading →

The Would-be Amsterdam Voyeurs

My cousin H and I went to Amsterdam for our "joint" birthday celebration—I only emphasise the word "joint" for the double-entendre, but I've only tried smoking weed once in my entire life and I can tell you I failed miserably at it. Didn't even inhale the stuff properly. We have half-Dutch cousins on my dad... Continue Reading →


Foreword: This is a piece of m/m gay flash fiction based on a keyword - "security". I was inspired by a documentary I watched on Netflix last night, called 100 Men, in which gay filmmaker Paul Oremland looks back on 100 of his sexual partners (it's not clear how many he's actually slept with, but he counts... Continue Reading →

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