Suits & Sensuality

Suits—those restrictive and stuffy reminders of authoritarianism. A disguise designed to present a sense of decorum, of superiority and professionalism. I utterly despise what they stand for, and yet I find myself curiously attracted to men in suits. For years, I've admired menswear departments for their arrays of shirts, ties, jackets, trousers...belts. There's something so… Continue reading Suits & Sensuality

Female perspective · non-fiction

The Would-be Amsterdam Voyeurs

My cousin H and I went to Amsterdam for our "joint" birthday celebration—I only emphasise the word "joint" for the double-entendre, but I've only tried smoking weed once in my entire life and I can tell you I failed miserably at it. Didn't even inhale the stuff properly. We have half-Dutch cousins on my dad… Continue reading The Would-be Amsterdam Voyeurs