Female perspective · solo play

Wanking Away the Lunchtime Banality

Some days, an unforeseen wave of lust just...hits me. It's then I just know I've got to give into the temptation of a good, solid wank. Slap bang in the middle of the work day. Whenever the fuck that is. And I don't even try to resist. In those fleeting moments of horniness, I'm glad… Continue reading Wanking Away the Lunchtime Banality

Female perspective · straight


Foreword: A flash fic based on a recent observation of one of the guests at my co-worker's wedding at a swanky hotel. Only half of this story is true, at least from my perspective. I'll let you guess which half. Also, it's a lighthearted jab at my personal voyeurism kink. I wouldn't go this far though 🙂  Bar-stard I wait in line, patiently.… Continue reading Bar-stard